Reverend Ant?

This was a great fuckin weekend. I spent it with some of my favorite people - Misch, Ant and Patrick. Random, hood parties downtown that ended up being amazingly fun. Burnt missions in Hollywood. Early morning trips to Roscoe's. Excursions around L.A. to find a messenger bag. Ahhh. Good times...

My friends and I always have the funniest conversations...While at Roscoe's at about 2 a.m. we somehow came up with the idea of one of us doing the Rev Run "Good Morning" messages because we all have BlackBerries. Then we took a level further and decided that it should be at night instead of the daytime. If you're not laughing it's because it was one of those things where you had to be there.

Last night, I got BlackBerry instant message. Ant took on the responsibility and is now getting his Rev Run on.

Ant's first messages of inspiration:

09.14.08, 10:47 p.m. PST
"As the night ends you realize what you could have done, what you should have done and what has happened. Hopefully you made the right choices and the right moves to satisfy your day. If not, always look forward to the next day. As they say, you should live everyday like your last."

09.15.08, 9:02 p.m. PST
"As we let our Monday come to a close -- whether good or bad --we should not let it consume how our week is going to play out. We should take each day as new and make each day count. There are too many stresses in life to worry about. Stress is never going away. Just put stress on your back burner and keep moving forward."