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work halloween costume

Dr. Peter Venkman


The Ghostbusters


More to follow.
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another one bites the dust.

Next up, joining my beloved Cargo magazine is Men's Vogue. They recently announced that the awkward little brother of the men’s magazine business is being downgraded from a bimonthly stand-alone mag to a semi-annual supplement to Vogue. In other words, they're getting rid of it.

Men’s Vogue (or Mogue for short) was always thought to be a bit confused, jumping from the usual profile fodder and high-end trad-wear to longform journalism pieces culled from the New Yorker’s reject pile, but it was never less than interesting.

I wasn't a big fan of Men's Vogue, but the news still makes me a little sad. I know men's fashion has a large audience, but I guess men are just not buying the magazines (not like women anyway).
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Moment of Zen

The Obama family.

The Black family.

We still exist.

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Whereabouts :: Fall/Winter 08



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30 Minute [Politics] with Obama

As you know, or should know, President Senator Barack Obama spent more than $3 million to air a 30-minute infomercial on seven networks simultaneously. He appeared at one Florida rally with his running mate, Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr., and another with former president Bill Clinton as local news shows went live in this crucial battleground state.

Of course I watched it, took everything in and thought it was a genius move. I don't know what I was expecting, but to me, it was just a reflection of his 20 month campaign and a reinforcement of what his plans are as president.However, he said one thing that I've been waiting for him to say his entire campaign: "I will not be a perfect president." I feel like, since Barack will potentially be the first African American president he will be watched and criticized more so than anyone that came before him. It was important for me for him to address his inadequacies and boldly state that he's only human. He will make mistakes, but his main mission as president is to meet the needs of the American people as best he can.

Well what I need is Barack Hussein Obama as my president.

Five days.

...and counting.
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This week's Entourage

Last week I said that if Ari didn't take the job as Head of Warner Studios that I would stop watching the show, right? Well, I have to retract that statement. Reason being: the writers are actually making the show interesting again. Even though Ari's a bonafide asshole, he still has a heart and he couldn't just leave everyone at MGA hanging. He got word that the second runner up for the position was his archenemy Amanda Daniels. In attempts to make everyone happy Ari tries to bury the hatchet with Amanda by telling her that he will step down if she puts Vince in Smoke Jumpers. Amanda idiotically declines because of her foolish pride and Ari vows to take the job. Or so we thought...

In an interesting twist of events, Ari gets Dana Gordon the position as Head of Warner Studios. What does this all mean? Ari and MGA will have to work half as hard to get their clients jobs. YES!!!

That's what I call good TV.

Oh yeah, Turtle got jerked off on a plane by Jamie-Lynn Sigler. HA!
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an adidas classic

How does that old Shakespearean saying go? "Be still my heart" or something like that? Anyway, it's the only thing that came to mind when I saw these kicks from the Alyasha Owerka-Moore for adidas Originals by Originals capsule collection. I'm in love with them! I've been looking for a decent saddle oxford for a couple of months now with no success. I just can't find a pair that I like. I love everything vintage, but I never want to do it like it was done before. I like classic pieces with a new spin.

Adidas succeeds with their take on the classic saddle oxford.

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I've ALWAYS wanted one of these...

Featuring a bowl, brush, and upgraded shaving arm, the Merkur Kit for the Mach 3 razor comes in two metal finishes.
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Erykah + Tom = Fuckin' Awesome

Erykah is the new face for Tom Ford White Patchouli.


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Vegas Baby, Vegas...

I love the woman in the picture above! Like, I LOVE her so much! She's none other then my ace, my partner in crime, my best friend in the whole wide world. The one person who knows absolutelty everything about me, understands me and loves me for all that I am (and will become). This past weekend, I decided to skip Morehouse/Spelman Homecoming and help her celebrate her 23rd birthday in Sin City! Vegas was WAAAYYY too much fun! I don't remember the last time I had a weekend like that and I'm me. We didn't pay to get into Poetry (at Caesar's Palace) on Friday night or Tryst (at the Wynn) on Saturday night. We even got free drinks.

I'm grateful that my best friend has really gotten to know my friends from college over the years because she invited a few of them to go along with us. It truly was an awesome weekend. I spent it with some of my favorite people on earth. What more could I have asked for?

*Disclaimer* Please don't be mad at me if you weren't invited. It was my best friend's birthday. She handled the invites. It doesn't mean that you're not loved.

That is all.

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Redemption :: Thom Browne

You might remember about a month ago I went on a rant about Thom Browne's Spring 09 collection, right? As critical as the fashion industry is there's always room for redemption. I mean, who doesn't like a come back? Not like Thom Browne was out or anything like that. I had just temporarily written him off. Well, I was doing a little exploring this morning as I usually do and came across some his latest pieces for Brooks Brothers' Black Fleece Collection. It features proper coats, a great variety of shirts, ties, and knits, and of course Browne’s signature slacks [or formal shorts]. Black Fleece is produced at the source for the best quality possible - suits in Italy, cardigans in Scotland, and cotton shirts in the USA. I'm truly pleased with this collection and am desperately surfing the web to find more. Until then, check out some of my favorite pieces below.