Giorgio Armani's 10 Rules of Men's Style

These truly are gems...

1. When choosing a suit, a man should look for something that he can wear, and not something that will wear him. In other words, elegance, sophistication, and timeless style are always better than of-the-moment trends, which will date—and date the wearer.

2. As for style, a two-button suit is more timeless than a three- or a one-button. A single-breasted is more versatile than double—allowing you to dress your suit up or down more freely and use the jacket as a separate more easily.

3. The most important thing is to feel comfortable in your clothes. If you feel comfortable, you will feel self-confident.

4. The worst sartorial faux pas you can make is looking like you’re trying too hard. To develop your own individual style, really consider what suits you.

5. If you remain curious about the world, you will stay young at heart. Beyond that, I recommend an hour’s exercise every day and a healthy diet with a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits.

6. The holidays mean a handsome velvet tuxedo jacket. If you’re entertaining at home and feel like it, you can try one in a midnight blue or deep plum and you should wear velvet slippers. If you go out, wear shoes—preferably wing tips.

7. When buying a suit, go for a color that will not date too soon, like a mid-tone gray or a black.

8. When an actor, like George Clooney, is on the red carpet, or when a man goes to a formal event, he shouldn’t dress excessively—he risks becoming too much of a spectacle.

9. At black-tie events you can get away with a jacket that has a bit more of an extreme line, something that’s really fitted. And you can never go wrong wearing a clean white shirt.

10. Confidence and a sense of humor make a man sexy. And having an Armani wardrobe doesn’t hurt either.