Damn, another one?

According to the New York Times Condé Nast just shut down DNR, WWD's brother menswear publication. The November 24 issue will be its last and WWD will absorb DNR's coverage online and in print. Patrick McCarthy, editorial director of W, WWD, and Footwear News, said “With the men’s and women’s apparel businesses sharing many of the same issues, we believe that integrating men’s coverage through WWD’s daily print and digital resources is the best way to serve our global audience."

I don't know if this should be cause for concern for the men's fashion industry, in general, or if this just speaks to where the new wave of technology is taking us. Speaking for myself personally, I only have subscriptions to GQ and Vogue, and I don't buy half as many fashion mags as I used to. I get most of my fashion related (or any) news online now. I'm just more of a digital person. Sitting down with a magazine is nice, but I rarely ever do it anymore.

Just as long as GQ sticks around, I won't trip.