Thanks BKc!

I haven't seen much of anything that inspired me to post today. A few dozen pairs of sneakers and a shirt or two, but nothing that just jumped off the screen. That is, until I looked at one of my favorite blogs, The Brooklyn Circus. The BKc is a string of boutiques in San Francisco, New York and Chicago. Most of everything they produce is dope, but this one spoke to me today. This is a sick, sick, sick, SICK look! Sheesh! I need those work pants in my life!

"With the new year in full swing and the highly anticipated BKc Style + Character Challenge nearing closer The Circus Trainer is experimenting and perfecting his looks, as are all the other contestants. For his latest look he paired two classic All-American pieces in a very unorthodox way. He put one of his favorite pieces from The BKc’s latest collection, The BKc Wool Navy Varsity, with Oxen authentic double knee work wear pants. Yep! The BKc Style & Character Challenge, is coming . . . "
-The Brooklyn Circus