Newest Blogger on the Block :: Mustang Sally

On February 14th, our nation's declared day of love, one of the many loves of my life launched her very own blog. I met her during my tenure at Morehouse. She knew my roommates and because we both have such impeccable (and unconventional) taste in clothing, they dubbed us "King and Queen of the Scene." There's a long story behind that name and it's hilarious, but Ill just keep that between all of us.

Anyway, she's one of my favorite fashionistas and one of the flyest chicks I know - in mind, body and spirit. Oh, how I wish she lived here in L.A. We'd get into all types of mischief. She's currently a Fashion Design student at Kent State School of Fashion in Ohio. Her and I both made the decision to pursue our stylish dreams around the same time. She felt like Spelman was just not for her. And even though I love Spelman with all my heart, I can totally dig it.

I call her Queen. Many call her Tish. You can call her Sally.

Trap on a seatbelt, grab your mouse and take a RIDE WITH SALLY!