LA Fashion Week :: Jerell Scott & Korto Momolu

Thanks to my friend and designer Jenny P, I had the pleasure of attending an LA Fashion Week event showcasing Project Runway alums and Black designers, Jerell Scott and Korto Momolu. All I can say is, “Wow!” I had such a great time! It was such a breath of fresh air being surrounded by so many creative individuals. Besides the show itself, it’s worth attending for the people watching alone. I got to meet so many interesting people whose style I greatly admired and others whose outfits gave me a case of inappropriate church giggles. To make for an even better night the event was sponsored by REAL Organic Tequila. Can you say, “OPEN BAR!” I was definitely drunk off my ass! Haha!

The show started with Korto Momolu’s collections. What I loved most was the runway itself. Naturally, I think everyone assumed the models would walk the stage where the musicians had previously performed. We were all wrong. The ladies hit the floor on the sidelines in VIP. After walking from one end to the other, they stepped on top of a table to put the designs on display. So cool. Korto’s collection was full of vibrant patterns that were reflective of her African heritage with a modernized twist. Jerell’s designs incorporated a lot of gold, blacks and metallics. Very chic and edgy. Both designers are brilliant!

Jen and I both had an opportunity to speak with Jerell after the show and I have to say that he a really sweet (pause) and humble guy. When artists have an attitude like that it makes you want to support them even more.

Other highlights of the night were also hanging my TN crew – Kianna, D & Keisa (TN will be explained at a later time), the Latoya Jackson look-a-like, Jen cussing out some chick from The Hills’ personal assistant in the elevator, and finally…we were able to catch one of the Kogi BBQ trucks off 2nd and Main at the end of the night.

One word: Perfection.


Am | October 25, 2009 at 10:38 AM

so you do realize that i love your blog right? I'm soo proud of you and props for featuring a few of the black designers of the industry.