Fishing for the Perfect Bow Tie

I've been asked a lot lately about bow ties and namely how to tie them. I like to see such a timeless and classic staple being embraced so openly by men of all different sartorial tastes. Besides wearing a tuxedo to my senior prom in high school, I hadn't had much exposure (or interest for that matter) in bow ties until I became a student at Morehouse College. Atlanta is such a huge melting pot of culture and style. It was there I developed an appreciation and respect for this usually formal necktie. Over the years I've collected more and learned the many different functions outside of being paired with my dinner jacket.

Below is probably the most comprehensive video on how to tie the perfect bow tie I've seen to date. The instructor takes his time and gives you different camera angles so the viewer can see each step at every turn. Like everything else, practice makes perfect. The more you do it, the easier and more fluid it will become. I recommend walking around the house and doing it repeatedly for a set amount of time until you feel comfortable. Make sure the knot it tight and you have enough room to breathe comfortably. One thing I do personally is flick mine with my thumb and middle finger when I'm done. Something about adding that slight imperfect element makes it...perfect.

ONE IMPORTANT RULE ABOUT BOW TIES! It is NEVER okay for a grown man to wear a clip on...EVER! Shame on you if you own one!

You're welcome!


Michael Ferrera | February 3, 2010 at 4:13 PM

Nice! That's a very fresh post bro...