Androgynous Fashionistas

In the spirit of all things men's life&style, I want to highlight a few female fashionistas I really admire. These women took the traditional rules of style and slammed dunked them in the garbage! For them, being ladies has nothing to do with frilly dressed, bedazzled jewelry and 4-inch heels...and in some cases their sexuality. Not at all. They all take different elements of menswear, make them their own and somehow manage to maintain their undeniable sense of femininity.

Sham Shirley is the other half of the LateBoots team along side Marquis Phifer, as well as member of The Brooklyn Circus creative team. Her cheek bones, affinity for varsity jackets, perfect denim, attention to detail and natural makeup make her one of my absolute favorites of the androgynous movement.

Does anyone really need an introduction to comedienne/daytime talk show host Ellen Degeneres? She's been a household name for the past 20 years for her talent, infectious personality and advocacy for the gay community. She's one of my personal favorites because her ability to pull off those perfectly tailored suits. She has the BEST taste when it comes to pulling the most classic elements of men's dress clothing.

I've seen Italian designer Alessandra Colombo's picture many times on renowned photographer Scott Schuman's site, The Sartorialist, and have followed her style ever since.