My Sartorial Roots :: The Report Card

The other day during a visit home I went through the mountains of old photos and documents from my childhood that my mother keeps buried deep in her closet. The funny thing is I was looking for a specific photo to add to the Sartorial Roots series and ended up finding something even better! As mentioned before, I love the in depth exploration into what makes me, me.

While rummaging through countless old photos, certificates, awards, and tests, I came across this report card from kindergarten. Of course my grades were on point, so that's not what gripped me. It was my teacher's comments that jumped off the page. In case you can't read it (below), it says, "His writing is dropping, because he has developed his own style." I mean, wow! That just about sums up who I am. It's not that I didn't know how to write properly because I did, and very well and neatly for a 1st grader I might add. The problem is once I got the gist of how to write I began to form the letters the way I wanted. Even now I can still remember hating the way to properly write cursive Fs, Ts and Ws. So...I made up my own.

It's this spirit to do things my way, I feel that make me...Seth.

Innovator. Imaginative. Rebellious. Since kindergarten, apparently.