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The older I get, the more evident it's become that God will indeed have his way in your life. Curtiss King and I, or Dwan as I know him, have been friends since 7th grade. Really, more than friends, he's like my brother and like brothers we often bickered and fought. As a result, we haven't talked for the past 2 years...until recently. Just like a scene out of a movie, we worked out our issues and now we're back to being brothers.

Like me, since we last spoke his career has taken off and he's slowly but surely climbing that proverbial stairwell of success. Coincidentally, our reunion has taken place on the eve of his newest release Jet Pack On E. Because I've literally watched the evolution of Dwan's novel interest in music to his transformation into a true artist, I can honestly say that this is his best work to date!

I've been listening to Jet Pack On E for the past week --- at the gym, in my car, at home while I work. He gives nothing but gems on this project with superior production, beats and the dopest rhymes I've ever heard him spit! Every time I listen I discover a new element I didn't pick up before. Something that makes me think, something infection on my creative progress. Music is supposed to move you. This album will move you!

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01. Intro (Closer) [prod. Radio]
02. Jet Pack on E (ft. Kenny Wright) [prod. Tae Beast]
03. Finally [prod. ClearBlue]
04. Freebie [prod. Tae Beast]
05. Gumbo (ft. Art Barz) [prod. JBizness]
06. Light The Fire (ft. Hawdwerk, Noa James, FaimKills) [prod. Curtiss King]
07. My Time (ft. Finess) [prod. Captain]
08. Scumbags (ft. Ab-Soul & Stevie Crooks) [prod. Jansport J]
09. My Wife (ft. Willie B) [prod. Willie B]
10. Hard 2 Love Me [prod. AbJo]
11. I Lied (ft. Lite & Richard Wright) [prod. Jansport J]
12. One Day [prod. Ayiro]
13. Hard 2 Love Me Remix (ft. Ill Camille & Raven Sorvino) (Ladies Perspective)
14. Overdue for Time (Ocean of Thoughts & Dreams Remix) [prod. Jynxx]

Also, check on the new video for the title track "Jet Pack On E."!