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Jay-Z :: Death of the Auto-tune video

Jay-Z's always been my favorite rapper, but I must admit that he's been losing me over the past couple of years. Everything following The Black Album was hardly noteworthy, in my opinion.

As many of you know, Jay-Z finally debuted his much talked about single "Death of the Auto-tune" with his performance at the BET awards, along with the video following the show. One word: dope. Just when I thought Hov lost it he came back with FIRE! Along with some strong words for choice rappers. I love the concept of the video and I'm definitely digging the cameo by LeBron and the haircut at the end.

Who's officially excited about The Blueprint 3?

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R.I.P. Michael Jackson

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Raf Simons “Spoiler” Loafer

Raf Simons is a brilliant fashion designer and he has a knack for shoes that makes me salivate! Will you please take a look at these loafers from his SS 09 collection?!

So into 'em!
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BBC & Ice Cream Season 9 Lookbook

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Mr. West Must Have These 10 Things...

I lowkey live for Men.Style.com's 10 Essentials every month. Fashion, we as we all know, is a form of art. So it's so interesting to see what tools people use to illustrate their story. Kanye is the latest to contribute his favorites. Click here to see what he absolutely cannot live without.

I will definitely be implementing a similar series to the blog soon...
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Nike MVP Puppets T-Shirt

I'm always on the fence when it comes to novelty T's. Most times, unless its vintage or something Marvel (for the nerd in me), I just can't mess with it. It's just not my style.

HOWEVER, I would definitely rock this new t-shirt featuring the Nike Basketball MVP LeBron vs. Kobe puppets from all the commercials. Get yours here.

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After School Fashion

This is where I'll be Friday night...
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The Hangover

Okay, no long drawn out review. I'll get straight to the point. The Hangover is hands down one of the funniest movies I've ever seen! I laughed from the time the movie started until the credits rolled. I really feel like it'll go down in history as a cult classic!

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Blow up like the...

I recently hooked up with my boys De Nice and Jakarri to help them take care of some business. They hosted a model call this past Sunday and Monday for an upcoming ad campaign (and some other projects that we're keeping hush hush). It was a pretty cool day and even better learning experience. We saw a lot of people and a few good models.

More work I'll keep you guys posted on over time...

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Viktor & Rolf Spring 09

I really dig Viktor & Rolf's Spring 2009 collection. Even though this is runway fashion, you can still take plenty of cues from the styling and make it work for a practical summer wardrobe. I love how they mix the light fabric shorts and trousers with two-toned, light weight dress shoes. Also take note of the light colored suits. I have a few friends and family getting married this summer, so these looks are perfect.

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Check Out :: Noisettes "Wild Young Hearts"

I got yet another good one for you guys! About a year ago I was watching some random music channel with Stoney. They were featuring up and coming indie bands doing live performances. At first, we weren't too interested. But what caught our attention is this random sound that was uttered by singer Shingai Shoniwa. We caught the tail-end of a song and she made one of thee funniest sounds we'd ever heard. It was a cross between a cough, sneeze, shriek and yelp. After we got over the initial shock, what we discovered was an extremely talented band called the Noisettes.

The Noisettes are an indie rock band from London consisting of singer and bassist Shingai Shoniwa, guitarist Dan Smith, and drummer Jamie Morrison. Their debut LP, What's the Time, Mr. Wolf? (which I could only find on imeem), was one of my favorite albums of 2008. The group has a very unique sound.

Much to my surprise and excitement, I discovered last night that they recently released their sophomore album, Wild Young Hearts. I've been listening during my random excursions today and I can honestly say that they came back with something totally new and incredible.

Check out Wild Young Hearts.

You're welcome!

Sidebar: I'd previously posted this with a link to download the group's album and blogger.com completely deleted the post with no notification at all. That's never happened to me before. I'm guessing because I post mixtapes the majority of the time. Lesson learned. Sorry Blogger :-P