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EBONY Cover :: Beyonce

I have to be completely honest. I'm not a big Beyonce fan. Yes, she's beautiful and she's talented. You can't take those things away from her no matter what anyone says.

But she does nothing for me...

HOWEVER, I love this photo of her on the cover of next month's EBONY! The look is great! I love to see artists evolve and reinvent themselves over time. I'm curious to know if this is the new direction she's going in, or if this was strictly for the photoshoot. I'll keep watching...
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B Store FW 09

I love this collection from B Store. It has a distinctly Parisian vibe, with polka dots and stripes being the patterns of choice. Some of the nicer touches included a plain shirt with polka dot collars and cuffs, a wide roll neck jumper and an abundance of cropped trousers. It also gives you a little Fall 09 preview. See if you can spot it...

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I'm putting dollars in my mouth!

I know you've heard the expression, "Put your money where your mouth is," right? Well, that's exactly what I'm doing. For the past few months I've been talking about my dream of attending FIDM here in Downtown Los Angeles. I've always had the passion for fashion, but never had the courage to actually pursue a career in the industry until recently.

Just to recap: I applied and got into FIDM a few months back. I was all excited. I couldn't keep it to myself. I told everyone I knew and even posted it on my blog. Well, some months have passed and reality started to set in. Although I have the passion, the vision and the drive to attend FIDM, I don't have the money. The program is $33,000. Yes, that's 33,000 US American dollars. Money I don't currently have. I was willing to take out a loan, but because I already have a degree and the economy is the way it is right now, I couldn't get approved. So, what am I to do? Cry about it? Give up? HELL NO! LoL! That's just not my steeze - not the way I operate.

I decided that with what limited time I have now that I was going to start taking my fashion courses at local city colleges in L.A. I immediately got online, did my research and found a couple of classes at El Camino College and LA Trade Tech that fit into my schedule. Last week, I officially registered for Clothing Construction I and Fashion Design & Sketching I. I'm starting with the basics and working my way up. So far the classes are great! I'm definitely in the minority being the only male in one of my classes and one of only 2 Black students. I love it though! I like being special.

One of my boys, whose also making a name for himself in the industry once told me, "I'm so proud of you for making the decision to pursue your dream. That takes courage. But remember, everyone wants to do this. And the difference between us and them is that we actually have talent and we know one of the keys to being successful in this industry is education. You need a solid foundation and you have to know what you're doing. Knowing what 'looks good is only part of it.'" Truer words have never been spoken.

So, follow me on my journey to becoming a powerhouse in the industry. Step by step.

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Peter Jensen Fall 09

Peter Jensen's Fall 2009 Collection exhibits brilliant layering. I love his use of color, texture and patterns - they're all mixed and matched flawlessly. The line was inspired and fashioned after his Aunt Jytte, the seventies, and Greenland, Jensen’s collection dares to be different. I also, surprisingly like the soft touches. It's somewhat feminine, but it works with the masculine design.

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Elle is back!

That's right, my favorite blogger and close friend is back from a long hiatus. CLICK HERE and find out where she's been.
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One Year Ago...

This past Saturday, February 21st, marked the one year anniversary of the passing of one of my dearest, closest friends Sylvanna Jandel King. She passed away due to complications from a car accident she'd been in a week prior. That was probably the worst news I've ever received in my life. I'll never forget that morning when Marcha and OD called me. It was like someone had literally ripped my heart out. I've had loved ones die before - grandparents, aunts, uncles, older cousins, family friends - but never someone so near in age, so close to me.

Sylvanna was my dog, my ace, my partner in crime. All my relationships with people are unique and ours was no exception. She called me "Puffy" because of my entrepreneurial spirit, outgoing personality, and sense of style. I called her "Kim" because of her love & respect for the female MC, "Hardcore" personality and passion for empowering women. She made my time in Atlanta that much more enjoyable. I probably spent more time with her my senior year than anyone else. After class everyday, I'd walk to her apartment (which was right across the street) and crash on her couch for about an hour. Then, we'd get up, go shopping and grab something to eat. Our favorite stores were Old Navy, Gap and Know Style. I think we may have visited every single one in the greater Atlanta area. We'd spend hours critiquing each other's wardrobe choices, eating and talking shit. I can't listen to Diddy's "Come To Me" without thinking about her. She made me do the "Diddy dance" every time it came on the radio.

"Kim" was one of the most ambitious women I've ever come across. Our senior year of college, she opened and incorporated her own PR and artist management company - Emani 409 Entertainment - where I served as Creative Director. She eventually got a position as a production assistant for MTV in Atlanta and then was offered a full-time position at their quarters in New York after graduation. She was destined for great things, but God had another plan for her life...

Our entire group of "Superfriends" met up in Atlanta to drive down to Florida for her services. It was such a bittersweet experience. Many of us hadn't seen each other in months and we all enjoyed each other's company immensely. The other side of that equation is the circumstances that we all met up under. It wasn't until we were around the corner from the church that the magnitude of losing one of our Supers truly dawned on us. It was tough, to say the least, but with each other we all got through it.

I believe in purpose and that we are all here to serve one. Sylvanna's purpose in my life reveals itself everytime I think about her. She taught me that caring and love is not shown by words, but by your actions. If you didn't know her, your first instinct would tell you that she was a cold-hearted person, but that couldn't have been further from the truth. She had one of the biggest hearts and would literally give you the clothes off your back if you needed them. Her passing definitely brought our group closer together. There's not a day that goes by that I don't talk to one of my Supers. She made me really appreciate my true friendships.

I'll cherish her memory for as long as I live...
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My Oscar Noms

One of the things that really sucks about men's fashion, especially as it relates to awards season, is that we don't have as many options as women do. Sure, you could go to Men.Style.com and pull up hundreds of pictures of pieces from designers that thought outside of the box when it comes to the tux. But the fact of the matter is that for many, black tie (especially for the Oscar's) means conservative and muted, and most men are not willing to take risks - excluding some eccentrics like Mickey Rourke and Tim Burton, but they don't count. LoL!

Anyway, what you do have a choice over, however, amidst limited options is cut, shape and color variation. Below are my picks for actors who actually looked like they gave it some thought:

Hugh Jackman (my favorite; this tux is tailored to perfection)

Daniel Craig

Robert Downey, Jr.

Zac Efron
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Download :: A (2)Dope Mixtape "Cadillac Edition"

Lately, I've been on a hunt for new music. Everything in my car is getting a stale. I finally decided to take Sean's advice and download A (2)Dope Mixtape Cadillac Edition. He sent me the link almost 4 months ago, but I wasn't too pressed about it after his last recommendation. The week before, he had convinced me that I HAD to download T-Pain's new (at the time) album Thr33 Ringz - a CD that threw out of my moving vehicle because it sucked SO bad. LoL!

This time, Sean was right. This mixtape is amazing!!! THIS is what the West coast sounds like to me. I feel like the reason why we've lost so much credibility in the music industry is because of our inability to evolve. Most of the music that comes out of L.A. sounds exactly the same way it did 15+ years ago when we dominated. [Prominent] West coast artists are still rapping about gangbanging, low riders and "fools getting their caps peeled." While these things are still a part of L.A. culture, it's no longer what defines us. I'd like to think and believe that we've advanced since then. Gangs are not as prevalent as they used to be, but we are still as laid back and carefree as we ever were.

Young artist like U-N-I, Pac Div and Three-1-Zero are the future of West coast hip-hop. They bring a new sound and feel to the genre. Please forget about The Game and Snoop for a minute. This mixtape embodies what "we" sound like today.

CLICK HERE and download A (2)Dope Mixtape Cadillac Edition, brought to you by popular West coast bloggers 2 Dope Boyz.

Sit back and enjoy!
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Converse Marine Sea Crisp

The Converse Marine Sea Crisp.
Available in 4 brilliant colors.

Just in time for summer!

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No, Chris!

I'm sure you've all had to have seen this photo by now. If by some chance you've been living under a rock for the past week, this is the photo that got "leaked" from the LAPD. I literally gasped when I saw this picture. And I don't gasp.

There's no words.
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What if...

In recent years, being a college student and living a hectic lifestyle I became quite dependent on Red Bull. Anyone who has ever gone out with me knows that I can't start off my night without one. But this heavy dependency has resulted in almost complete immunity. They don't have the same affect they used to. Instead of getting a boost of energy, it just helps me coast through the night. With things picking up in my life this is ALL BAD. I need another alternative method since the organic route (sleep) and the artificial method (energy shots and drinks) are no longer options.

In my delirious, fatigued state, I thought to myself...wouldn't it be cool if life imitated art. I wish I could punch a suspicious looking box open and touch the random object inside to get all the energy I need. Imagine what you could accomplish if you NEVER needed to sleep.

Weird and random, I know. I'm just saying...
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A Snapshot of My Valentine's Day

For someone who doesn't technically have a girlfriend, my Valentine's Day was awesome! I haven't enjoyed the day that much since I was in high school. Baby didn't have any unrealistic expectations or demands. She just wanted my time. In reality there is no such thing, but for me it was a perfect day.

Breakfast @ S&W
"Hiking" in Griffith Park
Randomly watched the 80s hit Twins
Dinner @ Buddha's Belly


I must admit that I didn't think I would like this movie as much as I did. I only wanted to see it because I'd heard so much about the book my freshman year of college. It seemed like every girl at Spelman was reading it and applying it their dating lives. The all-star cast was great and it was very well written. I thought it was going to be just your average romantic comedy, but it far exceeded my expectations. It made me laugh and gave even more to think about in terms of how I feel about relationships. I definitely recommend it.

All and all
Good day
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GQ's 10 Most Stylish Men in America

My favorite men's fashion rag recently tapped "real men" from every industry around the world who they felt have real style in March 2009 issue. Below are my top picks of their 10.

T.I., "World-Class MC"

Glenn O'Brien, "GQ's Style Guy"

Kanye West, "Pop Musician, Aspiring Designer"

Jason Schwartzman, "Actor, Indie Rocker"

Mark Ronson, "DJ, Producer"
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Food, Liquor & Disgust

*DISCLAIMER: Some of the ideas expressed in this article may offend or upset some people. But fuck it. It's my blog and I can say whatever I want. Dialogue, comments and feedback are strongly encouraged.

While getting ready for work this morning, I flipped through my CD book and decided to listen to "Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor." I haven't listened to the damn-near classic album in over a year. It's weird because I feel like I never heard it up until this morning. I'm very particular when it comes to music. Before anything, the beat has to capture my attention. No matter how profound or "deep" the lyrics are I cannot listen to it unless it sounds good. And although I love this record, I never really listened to it before.

So, I'm getting dressed and Lupe says...

"I use to hand my homework in first
Like I was the classroom starter
Burst to tears
Let them know he see us
Now I'm fighting in class
Got a note last week that say I might not pass
Kids ask me if my daddy is sick of us
Cause you ain't never pick me up"

Those bars hit me like a ton of bricks. I really got to thinking about relationships, love and...this epidemic called pregnancy. It seems like half of the people I know personally or through association are pregnant or already have children. Quite frankly, I think it's disgusting. Don't get me wrong. No matter what the circumstances children are a blessing. The circumstances, however, are what turns my stomach. I only have 3 sets of friends who are actually married with children. They are in love, their families were planned and they take care of their responsibilities. Unfortunately, they represent a small percentage of the "circumstances." Most of the people I know are young, unwed mothers, who have no relationship with their child's father. When referencing the men in question the response is often something to the effect of, "that nigga ain't shit." And I agree. Nothing disgusts me more than a man, especially a fellow Black man, who doesn't take care of his responsibilities. However, this is NOT a one-sided issue. What I want to know is, before it even got that point, why women (and men) refuse to make wiser decisions? Yes, he "ain't shit," but in most cases you knew that before you decided to have unprotected sex with him. And yeah, my nigga, she ain't either, but why didn't you wrap it up? It just doesn't make sense to me. Then there are the ones that really kill me and the worst thing about them is that their population seems to be growing at an alarming rate. Those women who "just want a baby." That really pisses me off!

People are SO fucking selfish because in all these situations, no one suffers more than the child. More and more kids are growing up without their fathers in their lives. And no matter how great a mother someone is or how great of a support system the child has, the absence of their biological father does have some psychological effects (reference Lupe's lyrics above). I know a lot people will try to argue that it can be done. Our commander and chief, the first African American president of our nation, Mr. Barack Hussein Obama is living proof of that. But like plus-size Daisy Dukes, just because it can be done doesn't mean it should. Barack himself expressed the same sentiments during his campaign.

I know that the majority of my conviction about this issue has to do with my own father's presence in my life. My dad is an amazing man and I know that him being in my life made all the difference in the world. I never once had to wonder where he was or wonder whether or not he loved me. Besides the fact that he reminded me on a daily basis, he showed me. Although my parent's are divorced today, I always knew that I was conceived in love and that I was planned. My parents were completely selfless and did everything they could to provide me with the best life possible. I see quite the opposite in my generation. People that wanted their children, but didn't necessarily want ALL the responsibilities that came with them. It's not fair that your child should have to struggle with you because you weren't financially and/or mentally ready for them. It's not fair that your child is being dumped off with relatives and friends so that you can go to the club. I'm not at all implying that personal time isn't important and necessary because it is. Everyone needs a break. What I'm saying is that it's not fair that you made the decision to conceive a child without the capacity to be a parent.

I do know some phenomenal, single mothers and fathers who take care of their fucking business. I commend you and you have my utmost respect. You know who you guys are. But the sick, sad truth is that most of you DO NOT! And you motherfuckers make me sick! Ugh!

Kids are not cute little toys. They're not a decision that's to be reached on selfish impulses. They're human beings. They're blessings from God. They're the future.

Everyone, both men and women, please make wiser decisions. Period.
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Exit Alexis, Enter Amber

I'm sure you've heard by now that Kanye has a new main. Meet Amber Rose.

My thoughts? Damn...

Good show Mr. West. She's beyond sexy. Her style is SICK.

I'd f...

CLICK HERE to see more photos of the blond bombshell. Including pictures from her spread in Smooth Magazine.
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Newest Blogger on the Block :: Mustang Sally

On February 14th, our nation's declared day of love, one of the many loves of my life launched her very own blog. I met her during my tenure at Morehouse. She knew my roommates and because we both have such impeccable (and unconventional) taste in clothing, they dubbed us "King and Queen of the Scene." There's a long story behind that name and it's hilarious, but Ill just keep that between all of us.

Anyway, she's one of my favorite fashionistas and one of the flyest chicks I know - in mind, body and spirit. Oh, how I wish she lived here in L.A. We'd get into all types of mischief. She's currently a Fashion Design student at Kent State School of Fashion in Ohio. Her and I both made the decision to pursue our stylish dreams around the same time. She felt like Spelman was just not for her. And even though I love Spelman with all my heart, I can totally dig it.

I call her Queen. Many call her Tish. You can call her Sally.

Trap on a seatbelt, grab your mouse and take a RIDE WITH SALLY!

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Hmmm...I'm thinkin SS 09!

This photo from Corpus' Spring 09 Collection really got me thinking about my wardrobe for the upcoming season. The oh-so-classic B&W saddle oxford, along with the weekend bag go so hard in the paint.

Stay tuned.
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Damn Kanye...

I thoroughly enjoyed this interview with Kanye and Men.Style.com. I'm really curious what those clips they played were from. He's always got something up his sleeve.

Funniest line: "That would stupid. Why would I want to live someone else's life? I'm me. I'm Kanye West." LMAO!

He's featured on the cover of the March 2009 issue of Details Magazine. I'll be sure to pick up a copy sometime today in between all the craziness that is my life.


What is there really to say after watching something this amazing? Kanye is a sick human being who knows no bounds and taps into every single inch of his creativity. How could you not respect him for that?! I never ever want to see another music video with rappers in expense cars they don't own, surrounded by women they can't have and portraying a lifestyle they don't live. A new bar's been set and I think the mindless bullshit we've gotten used to over the years is no longer acceptable. I don't put that on, that's my word.
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Throwback :: College Apartment Chic

Again, digging through some old pictures I found in my e-mail today, I came across a photo of my room in my apartment from my junior and part of senior year of college. Man, I miss having my own place! Atlanta is the ideal city for young African Americans who are looking to be independent. The cost of living is significantly lower than L.A. They're constantly building so competition is fierce! My roommate, and one of my best friends, Marcha and I only paid $840 a month. We had two bedrooms, two bathrooms, living room, kitchen (with all the appliances), sunroom, office and laundry room. Something like that in L.A. would cost an arm and a leg.

This room is definitely a reflection of my personal style and taste - even to this day. When it comes to bedrooms, I prefer mostly earth tones, dark wood, plush bedding and subtle pops of color. This was the first opportunity I had to really decorate something completely from scratch and make it my own.

I remember when I returned to Atlanta my junior year from summer vacation and interning at Mattel, getting my first apartment together was the ONLY thing on my mind. A few weeks prior, Atlanta had the grand opening of the first IKEA in the South. I didn't really think it was a big deal because I had grown up right down the street from an IKEA and took it for granted, I guess. It was pure MADNESS! There was so many people during the first couple of months of business that they had to create nearby parking lots with shuttle service. After the initial shock, I got my myself together and fought the crowds to get what I needed. There was also many trips to Wal-Mart, Cost Plus, Target and Marshall's.

The end result was the fly ass room you see above. I was so proud of my apartment out in the suburbs of ATL.

Oh, the nostalgia...
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Chris Brown & Rihanna :: My Thoughts

I'll admit it. When I first heard this story last week, I couldn't stop laughing. I thought it was absolutely hilarious. I have a very demented sense of humor, I know. But there was something about the thought of Chris Brown's young, pop-lockin ass putting his hands on someone that I found funny.

*I'll brace myself for the backlash from that statement, but if you keep all the way 100, you know you were laughing too.

Clarity's finally set in and I've finally been able to stop laughing and think about their situation. First, I don't have an opinion on who was right or wrong. I've read and heard so many stories that I don't know what to believe. Initially, I heard that the whole thing had erupted because Rihanna cheated on Chris Brown and gave him an STD. Then, I heard that Rihanna attacked him after he received a text message from another woman. And just a few minutes ago, a co-worker sent me an article stating that Chris Brown called it quits with Rihanna weeks before the Grammy's, but both parties' publicists felt it would be in their best interests to appear together at the show. Supposed the girl was IN THE CAR WITH THEM when the incident occurred. Whoa! I will, however, on the subject of being right or wrong will state that regardless of what happened, I have absolutely no respect for men who put their hands on women! NONE! My father taught my brother's and I from day one that any man who puts his hands on a woman is a coward. Period.

Moving on, I feel like what has happened between these 2 in the past week is really unfortunate - nothing else. I really like the two of them, together or separate. Here you have two very young, promising artists who had a very nasty, public domestic violence incident that they cannot take back. I know that both of them have had endorsements yanked and have been forced to cancel upcoming shows. Regardless of what damage control is done, neither one of them (especially Chris Brown) will ever be received the same by the public.

My heart really goes out to them and their families.

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10 Rules of Men's Style by Donna Karan

In the latest addition of '10 Rules of Men's Style,' Ms. Donna Karan sheds light on men's fashion (and behavior) that even the lamest of laymans could understand. Rule number one is probably something that I say on a daily basis. One of the worst things about living in L.A. again and hanging out with Black people is that I'm truly in the minority. Black men are so afraid to take risks. The black and white non-vintage, "military" shirts and Seven jeans are boring the shit out of me. Like, really. Being the best looking nigga out is cool, but a little competition every now and then would be nice...and motivational. I'm always up for a little sport. And just because you just discovered Hot Topic and clear framed wayfarers DOES NOT make you "different." Especially when you thought that shit was "gay" a year ago.

Anyway, read and INDULGE!

1. Sometimes men can be a little limited when it comes to trying something new. When I first used stretch fabric, I couldn't even use the word stretch until men realized how comfortable it was. Now they ask, "Where's the black stretch crêpe suit?"

2. I don't think there's anything more important than spirituality. I don't think it's about a religion. It's about caring and sharing and realizing that it's not about us independently but about what we can do to help in life and make a difference for other people.

3. Every man should have the seven easy pieces: great pair of black pants, great jacket, white shirt, tie, great cashmere sweater, great pair of jeans, and a piece in leather—things that are amorphous. They can be simple and modern and yet comfortable and elegant.

4. The rudest thing a man can do to a woman is stand her up, not call, and just keep her dangling.

5. I can't stand men wearing a trend because it's a trend. There are quirky men who can carry off quirk, but most men can't.

6. A modern man is someone who looks at his life holistically and is flexible. His approach goes from day into night, from play to work, around the world. He should never be stuck in any one position.

7. I don't like oversized, really sloppy pants hanging off a man's waist, but then again I don't like really uptight looks either. The extreme of either of those styles doesn't make me feel comfortable. When you're trying too hard, it doesn't work.

8. Behind every great man there's a great woman, and behind every great woman there's a great man. A woman knows how to trigger a man's sensitivity and open him up to things that sometimes he can be a little shortsighted about, like how to truly enjoy life. A man knows the element of surprise, which women sometimes forget.

9. Being romantic can be simple—it's those quiet times. When you can just shut it down and really come together as one—that's romantic.

10. One guy can throw on a pair of jeans and T-shirt and just wear that and be perfect, while another guy can wear a T-shirt and jeans and look horrible. A guy needs to keep his eyes open, try several things on, and trust other people's opinions.
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Band of Outsiders FW 09 Collection Presentation

I really admire the designers at Band of Outsiders. They first came to my attention a few years back when they were featured in GQ as the year's best new designers. GQ has been using their ties in just about every fashion spread ever since. A few days ago Band Of Outsiders presented their Fall/Winter 2009 Collection. Instead of going for the usual runway show, the brand presented their line in a more innovative way. Models were presenting the collection in a set scenery, creating the right environment for the Fall/Winter 2009 Collection.

If you look at the photos, Kanye and Don C. were also in attendance.

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HAPPY FUCKING BIRTHDAY!!! To one of the dopest people I've ever met, my "soulmate," Ms. Stoney Love!!! I hope you have the greatest time celebrating the day God birthed you into this Earth. I'm so lucky to know you and even more fortunate to call you my close friend!

Thanks again for the gift! It was so unexpected. You TOTALLY caught me off guard with this one. This is the only gift I've gotten that damn near made me cry! I fucking love it! I'm not going to take the time to explain it because we know just how significant this is. The "mantra" is just a foreshadowing of what's to come...