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Saturday Night Fashion

I'll be here in VIP, as an L.A. fashion blogger! This is going to be great! Official press release below!

Saturday August 29th -LOS ANGELES, CA.

Downtown LA’s latest nightlife venue, 8Hill Lounge presents: Urban vs. Couture Fashion Show. FIVE Designers will come together on one night, one stage, to kickoff the beginning of MAGIC Week. From Swimwear to Exotic Couture, their Fall 09’ creations will Rip the Runway!

The guest list of Confirmed “Movers and Shakers” in Young Hollywood scheduled to attend include 93.5KDAY owns Keisha Nichole, R&B Group O.N.E., Kitti Fontain (Celeb stylist) U.N.I. , LononLand , Trish E (NBC Writer), Nicc Crawford (Celeb stylist), MrIDStyle (Young Style Mogul), Krys Ivory (Ryan Leslie Artist) , IF&Co. (Jeweler to the Stars) , Al B. (R&B Artist) Justin (Baldwin Hills), and Comedian JOJO, as well as Various Music Producers & NBA Players.

As well as the guest list of invited (yet to be confirmed)

Estelle, Chris Cebalos, Brandy, Omarion, Chris Brown, Pleasure P, Ozwald Boateng, Liana Mendoza, 90210’s Tristan Wilds, Teyanna Taylor, Stylist Joe Exclusive, Vanessa & Angela Simmons

When: Saturday August 29th, 2009

Press Check-in: 8 - 9pm
Red carpet arrivals: 9 - 10:30pm
VIP Cocktail Hour: 9 - 10pm
Fashion Show: 11-11:30pm

Party: 11pm-2am

Where: 8 Hill Lounge (600 Capacity & Upper VIP area)

801 s. Hill St. Street
Los Angeles, CA 90014
(Corner of 8th & Hill St.)

To apply for celebrity talent or media credentials for red carpet or to
receive VIP accommodations, please send your request and contact info to
KeisaSullivan@gmail.com or call 310.754.5094
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District 9

I LOVED DISTRICT 9! This movie will definitely go down as a sci-fi classic! I recommend it to all hardcore 70s/80s alien flick fans. I can't articulate what elements of the movie did it for me, but it brought about that same sense of nostalgia. The genre has been lacking for the past the past 10 years and I feel like District 9 set a new precedent for it. The preview does a great job of giving moviegoers an idea of what the film is about, but there's so much more to it than that. The plot was so original and refreshing. The movie itself is a little creepy and unsettling, but in a good way. After all, the function of cinema is to entertain and invoke some type of emotion, right? All this and there were absolutely no big name actors to distract you from enjoying the movie.

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Robert Geller for Levi’s

You HAVE to appreciate the use of different shades of denim and the various cuts.
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Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony FW 09 Unisex Collection

Pure genius!

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Throwback :: "Harlem World" Video

I had to laugh when I was watching this throwback video this morning. I love how music has the power to bring you back to a particular time in your life with some melodic tunes and video to compliment the song. "Harlem World" made it's debut when I was in the 8th grade, I believe. Swear, I was the BIGGEST Bad Boy fan in middle school - at a time when people on the Westcoast weren't really susceptible to Eastcoast music. I had every album (on cassette, of course), a million Cyber Station sweatsuits, and a curly top fade just like Diddy.

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My Favorite White Girl...

...can be found gracing the pages of this month's Complex Magazine. Click here to see the rest of the photos from the shoot.
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Soulland Spring 2010

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Paul Smith London Fall 2009

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Say Uncle!

Yesterday, I was overwhelmed with emotion as I welcomed the birth of my second nephew, Carter! He is my younger brother's first child. It started off as one of those situations where everyone was upset and disappointed with him because he and his girlfriend are so young and ill prepared to be parents. I could not stop telling him how much I wish he'd waited and how much I felt he was missing out on.

Once you see a face like my nephew's all that negative energy goes out the window. You can't help but optimistic about his life and the many joys he's going to bring to ours. Yes, my younger brother was not ready to be a father prior to yesterday at 3:45pmPST, but then he became one. His life has forever changed in ways that he can't imagine, but I have the utmost faith that he is ready to take on this responsibility. My father did a hell of a job raising his 4 sons up to be upstanding men and I'm sure my brother will take all he's learned and apply it with unconditional love.

Hit him up, @papaPluto on Twitter. Send him some positive energy and prayers. He'd greatly appreciate it!
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Sperry SS 2010 Preview

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I'll be the first to admit, without shame, that I'm addicted to social networking - especially Twitter! The site was developed from the simplest concept, but has caught on like wild fire. If you're like me then UberTwitter is always on and you're constantly sharing your thoughts and happenings with the world.

This morning some hatin' ass, douchebag decided to hack our favorite networking tool causing it to go down for several hours. According to CNN "Twitter says its site's blackout was caused by a denial of service attack, which likely means a hacker used a herd of infected computers to send bad information to the site to overwhelmed it."

In the meantime, while they worked tirelessly to get the site back up and running, my friends and I hopped on to BlackBerry Messenger to discuss the angst we were experiencing as a result of the site going down. I have to sit back and laugh (out loud). It just goes to show how dependent our society has become on social networking and technology. For some reason that doesn't bother me. A lot of people are making the argument that it's changing the way we communicate and we're are no longer maintaining face-to-face interaction with one another. I would agree to some degree, but I have to say that it doesn't apply to everyone. For me, social networking serves as a tool to stay connected with my loved ones and family members at times when I'm otherwise unable to (i.e. at work). But I most definitely remain (socially) ACTIVE™.

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Dee + Ricky Presents: The Making of a Finisher Bag

I never get tired of ANY news from these 2! My favorite twin designers Dee & Ricky Jackson (best known for the LEGO broaches) and NO MAS are giving us a look into the process behind the Finisher Bags' transformation from Starter jacket into the masterpiece.

Way cool!
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Gucci x Mark Ronson

I find it interesting that the fashion industry is reaching out more and more to icons in the music industry. Gucci is planning to open flash sneaker stores in the coming months called Gucci Icon-Temporary. Gucci Icon-Temporary units will feature 18 exclusive sneaker styles — 16 for men and two for women. They recently tapped DJ turned producer Mark Ronson for a collaboration. Smart move. In the past years Ronson's taste has evolved from t-shirt and jeans to a retro, 60-esque sense of style. Real classic. I'm excited to see what they have in store.
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Saved by the Bell :: 20 Year Reunion

Growing up I was a sitcom freak! I watched just about everything that came on TV from Dragnet to The Cosby Show to Small Wonder. If it came through on cable, I was watching it (that's probably why I'm a beast at pop culture trivia now). That being said, I LIVE for "Where Are They Now?" specials and reunion episodes. To my delight (and surprise) People Magazine was able to get the cast of one of my favorite TV shows, Saved by the Bell, together for a 20 year reunion issue!

I'm really shocked though. I naturally assumed, as with many child stars, that the cast members hated each other and would never be open to doing any type of reunion. However, Mark-Paul Gosselaar (aka Zack Morris) told People, "We're still very close for a cast that's known each other 20 years. I think that will continue." BUT, of course lovable, jaded cast member Dustin Diamond (aka Screech Powers) was nowhere to be found. Big surprise there.

That does it for my feel of nostalgia for the day!
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3X5's :: Part II

I've developed the worst habit of not blogging everyday. I could blame it on time constraints, but my work schedule isn't nearly as hectic as it was a few months ago. The truth is...I'm a mess. I've gotten so far off track of who I am and more importantly, who I want to be. I've let so many outside forces like fatigue, fatty foods and finances distract me more than they should have. I'm currently in the process of destroying and rebuilding...me. I'm renovating my body, revitalizing my spirit and reconsidering my life's path. This is going to take some time...

I do watch my numbers and to all my faithful readers who still support me in spite of I sincerely thank you! I'll do better. I promise.

Just like the last post with this one's namesake, here are some photos to "catch you up on where I've been."

Partying. As usual...

New ink.
Preparing to be a new uncle.
Alpha Convention in New Orleans.

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Service with some...Style

The Ace Hotel New York is one of Manhattan’s newest boutique hotel; sister of the stylish, custom Portland, Palm Springs and Seattle Aces. For the young, cool visitors the hotel boasts Bunk rooms with all grey plaid fabric and street-art walls. For people who have a little more to spend the Loft suites have a boho New York-apartment feel, with bay windows looking down on Broadway, filled with flea market finds. They even have in-room Smeg refrigerators stocked with beer kegs and cheeky treats.

As if the hotel itself wasn't cool enough, their employees also have custom uniforms.

Standard issue footwear is either drab green monochrome Chucks created by Converse exclusively for the Ace or classic black Doc Marten's embossed with a skeleton key. The jeans are by Levi's and Newark-based L. Gambert created custom fitted shirts, handcrafted from patterning to production and overseen by second and third generation family artisans. L. Gambert also created the housekeeping uniform, a utilitarian shirt-dress. The vintage Glen-check Coto tie and blackened silver Surface 2 Air tie chain complete the look.

I thought this was definitely one of the coolest things I've come across in a while. I'm sure this is becoming pretty standard for New York, but I'm sure the rest aren't as dope as these.
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Download :: The City Snapshot Presents "We Can Breathe Under Water"

I love promoting product that I have some kind of connection with. Warner Watkins, a current student at my alma mater Morehouse College, started his own rockband a while back and has been working really hard to complete their mixtape. I know I'm a little late posting this, but if you know me you know I have to give it a listen before I recommend it. Obviously it's dope because I'm writing about it, so I'll just cut to the case...

Click here to download City Snapshot's mixtape "We Can Breathe Under Water."

You're welcome!