Say Uncle!

Yesterday, I was overwhelmed with emotion as I welcomed the birth of my second nephew, Carter! He is my younger brother's first child. It started off as one of those situations where everyone was upset and disappointed with him because he and his girlfriend are so young and ill prepared to be parents. I could not stop telling him how much I wish he'd waited and how much I felt he was missing out on.

Once you see a face like my nephew's all that negative energy goes out the window. You can't help but optimistic about his life and the many joys he's going to bring to ours. Yes, my younger brother was not ready to be a father prior to yesterday at 3:45pmPST, but then he became one. His life has forever changed in ways that he can't imagine, but I have the utmost faith that he is ready to take on this responsibility. My father did a hell of a job raising his 4 sons up to be upstanding men and I'm sure my brother will take all he's learned and apply it with unconditional love.

Hit him up, @papaPluto on Twitter. Send him some positive energy and prayers. He'd greatly appreciate it!


LaLa | August 7, 2009 at 9:55 AM

yay for uncle twis!!!


god bless the fam