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Blacktree TV Fashion Show

Last Thursday, a few members of the TN Crew stepped out to the Blacktree TV Fashion Show at Seven Forty to support one of our own, Ms. Khloe Rose, who was showing her swimwear collection Candy Coated.

For the sake of being a tasteful gentleman and journalist, I'll refrain from saying how I really felt about the show. I will however say that their were a few promising emerging brands that showed, as well as a couple of talented amateur models. It's great to see any Black business thriving and that's precisely what Blacktree TV is doing - being the 23rd most viewed channel on YouTube.

I would be remiss if I didn't put this out there. Blacktree, we are available next time you guys put together a fashion show. You guys take care of the media, we'll handle the fashion. Holla at us!

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Check Out :: Fiero "Olde Ivory" Mixtape

While sifting through mountains of e-mails this morning I stumbled across my always anticipated How Bomb Newsletter from Res Infinitus. The "Music Monday" Issue No. 60 had all the ingredients to satisfy any music lover's iPod's appetite. Among Travis Barker's cover of "Forever" and Kanye's newest song "I'm So Appalled" was DJ supergroup Fiero's newest mixtape "Olde Ivory." I've been listening to it non-stop, all day! This is truly one of the best collections of mashups I've heard in years! Nicky Savage and crew really dug deep for this one. An hour long ride of blissful listening.

Click here and listen for yourself! I've been trying to find the actual mixtape to download all morning. If I stumble across it, trust I'll post it for you guys!
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True Style is Timeless

Believe it or not, the picture above was not taken in 1890s like the Photoshopped imaging is trying to trick you into thinking. This is a recent photo for the The New York Times' Style section featuring the latest pieces from Ralph Lauren, Alexander McQueen and other brilliant designers. The article was really interesting. It draws the the comparison between the fashions of today and centuries past, reinforcing that true style is timeless.

Click here to read the full article.
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Photos I forgot to post...

A couple of weeks ago, I met actress Wendy Raquel Robinson of The Game. She was the guest host at the annual Monster Royal Contest at B & R's Old Fashioned Burger. B & R is one of LA's premiere burger joints, family owned and operated for over 15 years by my close friend Brian's family, The Hoods. Hailed dozens of newspapers, magazines and television show's, including Food Network's Alton Brown, the restaurant offers a sumptuous breakfast menu, mouth -watering burgers, home-style fries, tacos, chicken dinners and fresh baked pies. Do your taste buds a favor and check them out!

So...I wasn't really in the Halloween spirit last week. I mean, I was definitely looking forward to all the partying and girls dressed like their "favorite characters (sluts)", but I wasn't looking forward to dressing up myself. At the last minute, my friends convinced me to participate and my little brother provided me with a great suggestion, "Why don't you just go as Kanye at the VMAs?" Eureka! But seeing as it was the 11th hour and I didn't have a white girl to be my Amber Rose or Taylor Swift, nor did I have a ginormous bottle Hennessey - I ran to the mall to grab some shutter shades and opted for Kanye in the "Stronger" music video. Haha! Thoughts?

A lot of my friends say I took the easy route because I apparently look like Kanye, but hey, at least I did something...
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This Week In Style

My vote for the gentlemen who epitomize style in the GQ: This Week In Style go to:

First and foremost, I have to give it up to my Morehouse brother Fonzworth Bentley. This mixture of colors, patterns, and textures are oh-so-sick! But as a man of The House, I wouldn't expect anything less.

Although he looks like he's been in the oven an hour too long, Valentino is killing this look with the scarf, handkerchief and tie. Very polished and clean.

Although the editors at GQ would strongly disagree with me, I really dig Sir Ian McKellen's look at the NYC screening of the upcoming film Prisoner. The blue-on-blue scarf-and-shirt combination and the two-shades-of-brown jacket and hat may normally be faux pas, but in this case it really works for the British gent.
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Tom Ford F/W09

Japanese men’s magazine SENSE has an editorial showcasing the F/W09 pieces of one of my favorite menswear designers, Tom Ford, suits and outerwear. The editorial features Ford's tuxedos, as well as colorful combinations of trousers, blazers, ties, and scarves. Looking more closely at these pieces I'm surprised that no other editorial has pointed how Ford takes so many cues from the bold patterns and textures reminiscent of the 70s. Very subtle and brilliant.