This Week In Style

My vote for the gentlemen who epitomize style in the GQ: This Week In Style go to:

First and foremost, I have to give it up to my Morehouse brother Fonzworth Bentley. This mixture of colors, patterns, and textures are oh-so-sick! But as a man of The House, I wouldn't expect anything less.

Although he looks like he's been in the oven an hour too long, Valentino is killing this look with the scarf, handkerchief and tie. Very polished and clean.

Although the editors at GQ would strongly disagree with me, I really dig Sir Ian McKellen's look at the NYC screening of the upcoming film Prisoner. The blue-on-blue scarf-and-shirt combination and the two-shades-of-brown jacket and hat may normally be faux pas, but in this case it really works for the British gent.