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"In California"

Spent the day with my old buddy Keenyah who's in town from New York. We hit Roscoe's and caught The Last Exorcism (terrible movie) at The Bridge --- just like old times. Great day, good company, delicious food, horrible movie and gorgeous LA weather.

$12 Old Navy Straw Fedora (Old Navy)
$3 Sunglasses (Sante Alley)
$10 Lacoste T-Shirt (Lacoste Outlet)
$2 Wrangler Jeans (thrift)
$2 Old Navy Flip Flops (Old Navy)
$30 Aldo Watch (Aldo Accessories Store)
$5 Navy Linen Blazer (thrift)

Daz Dillinger x In California.

In California, In California
(The home of the city of the Crips & the Bloods)
In California, In California
(And you can get shot oh who they thought you was)
In California, In California
(The home of the cities of the gangstas & bud)
In California, In California
(Haha or you can get bad oh who they thought you was)

Verse 3
Here I am stompin' down choppin' down yo compound
knockin' all y'all out thirty seconds in the first round
Who come around get destroyed off contact
realize & understand homey you don't want that
Check it out let's engage in military actin'
women dope & drama keep me yackin'
Bump all that bullsh(it) you yappin'
them beats & that bullsh you yappin'
I'm about all busy boggin' & cappin'
pistol packin' you don't really want none of this action
Homey, you betta watch out 'cause nothin' can save ya
tattooein' y'all with razors
blazen that it didn't penetrate him but I grazed him
now they callin' Daz unusual playa hater
Back on the spot feelin' high
watchin' as the cops pass by
smokin' fire homey I ain't lyin'
Who the man from Long Beach, California to Japan
Rockin' like wonder MC homey without a band in hand
a why can't control the whole scene
watch it unfold get scold get blown away
any other rapper pay dearly severely y'all come & hear me
Damn you get bruised battered & slammed
niggaz try to see who I am Dat Nigga Daz

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50% Off at Alameda Thrift

Attention all Angelenos! Alameda Thrift & New Furniture is offering customers 50% off all clothing (with printed coupon below) from now until September 20, 2010! See coupon for address and store hours!

From the Company: "Alameda Thrift Store is Compton's Full-Service Thrift Store and 99 Cent Store.

Are you tired of paying a small fortune for furniture, clothing, and household items? If so, then Alameda Thrift is the thrift store for you. Our huge selection of discounted merchandise and superior customer care are what set us apart from the rest.

We carry tons of quality furniture, clothing, antiques, and household items priced way below retail prices. From home decor, furniture, and antiques to clothing and school supplies, we've got it all under one roof."

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Thrift Finds :: Nike Air Flight

At the beginning of summer I told you guys how I'd planned my wardrobe for the season around being the "Fresh Prince of Bayside," borrowing elements from early 90s television icons Carlton Banks and Zack Morris. Well, to say that I've been slacking in my posts this summer would be an understatement, but not without just cause. I've been working hard and I will have lots to show for it this Fall. But even though I haven't been writing as often I have been pretty damn successful with implementing my 90s style inspiration.

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Monique took me to a couple of thrift stores out near her new apartment in Studio City. This was no normal trip to your neighborhood Goodwill or Salvation Army. No! These places were special. The first of which is a thrift that sells gently or never before worn wardrobe from television and movie productions. Talk about GREAT inventory! They had nothing but quality clothing, shoes and accessories! Amongst everything I picked up that day, my favorite item was a pair of Nike Air Flights (pictured above) from the set of Hannah Montana. For some reason that I dared not question, all the inventory from that show was half off that day. So these brand new sneakers, originally priced at $50, ended only being $25! Score one more for The Thrifter!

I'll continue posting my find in the weeks to come...

$4 Sunglasses (Sante Alley)
$2 Big Ben Chambray Shirt (thrift)
heardemsay Button (heardemsay.com)
$35 Levi's (Levi's Store)
$25 Nike Air Flight (thrift)

Kind of reminiscent of Back to the Future II and Marty McFly, right? I thought so too...

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Download :: Curtiss King

The older I get, the more evident it's become that God will indeed have his way in your life. Curtiss King and I, or Dwan as I know him, have been friends since 7th grade. Really, more than friends, he's like my brother and like brothers we often bickered and fought. As a result, we haven't talked for the past 2 years...until recently. Just like a scene out of a movie, we worked out our issues and now we're back to being brothers.

Like me, since we last spoke his career has taken off and he's slowly but surely climbing that proverbial stairwell of success. Coincidentally, our reunion has taken place on the eve of his newest release Jet Pack On E. Because I've literally watched the evolution of Dwan's novel interest in music to his transformation into a true artist, I can honestly say that this is his best work to date!

I've been listening to Jet Pack On E for the past week --- at the gym, in my car, at home while I work. He gives nothing but gems on this project with superior production, beats and the dopest rhymes I've ever heard him spit! Every time I listen I discover a new element I didn't pick up before. Something that makes me think, something infection on my creative progress. Music is supposed to move you. This album will move you!

Click here and be moved!


01. Intro (Closer) [prod. Radio]
02. Jet Pack on E (ft. Kenny Wright) [prod. Tae Beast]
03. Finally [prod. ClearBlue]
04. Freebie [prod. Tae Beast]
05. Gumbo (ft. Art Barz) [prod. JBizness]
06. Light The Fire (ft. Hawdwerk, Noa James, FaimKills) [prod. Curtiss King]
07. My Time (ft. Finess) [prod. Captain]
08. Scumbags (ft. Ab-Soul & Stevie Crooks) [prod. Jansport J]
09. My Wife (ft. Willie B) [prod. Willie B]
10. Hard 2 Love Me [prod. AbJo]
11. I Lied (ft. Lite & Richard Wright) [prod. Jansport J]
12. One Day [prod. Ayiro]
13. Hard 2 Love Me Remix (ft. Ill Camille & Raven Sorvino) (Ladies Perspective)
14. Overdue for Time (Ocean of Thoughts & Dreams Remix) [prod. Jynxx]

Also, check on the new video for the title track "Jet Pack On E."!
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I Heard 'Em Say...

I'm very happy in helping my friend, Lorenzo Diggins --- fellow Angeleno, designer and fashion enthusiast --- celebrate and promote the launch of his company heardemsay™!

heardemsay™ is motivated by one simple purpose-to create moving, thought-provoking art rooted in four key outlets of expression: art, music, poetry, and photography. the intention is to interweave lyrical and visual art through fashion by collaborating with visionary artists who have something to say . we believe art creates stimulating dialogue that might otherwise never be heard. It is our hope that heardemsay™ be the platform for artists to exhibit their boundless dreams to a society thirsty for knowledge. It’s an “ode to self expression.”

When he sent out the mass texts, tweets and BBMs announcing the launch and I watched the video above, I was so inspired I got out of bed and did an additional 2 hours of work before I fell asleep. Haha! True story. His philosophy and energy are contagious.

Also, although they are not yet posted, keep a look out for the heardemsay collection. The button and tote have been 2 of my absolute favorite accessories this summer! Great product!


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My Sartorial Roots :: Cousin Rick

Plaid Shirt (Ralph Lauren)
Shorts (Timberland)
Sneakers (Adidas Gazelle)

I usually spend a great portion of my day looking for inspiration. It comes in many different forms. Most times people that give me that inspiration rarely ever realize it. So imagine my surprise when my 17 year old cousin Ricky (pictured above) told me that's what I was for him. He and I had a chance to catch up on things during my nephew's first birthday party a few weeks back when he revealed that he was considering studying fashion design after graduating from high school next year! I can't say that I didn't see it coming though. Rick is not your average 17 year old and he's never been an average kid. This is the same guy who put me up on the likes of J Dilla, A Tribe Called Quest and MURS while he was still a preteen. Besides his impeccable taste in music, he's never really followed trends and dressed like kids his age either.

My advice to my cousin was simply this --- BE FEARLESS! One of the things I always look back on (but don't regret) is the fact that I didn't take my passion for fashion seriously until after I had graduated from Morehouse. I wish I could have approached it with the same gusto and forethought that he is now. He is going to make an amazing designer and force to be reckoned with. I've watched him grow and evolved over the years. I can't wait to see what God has in store for him next!