"In California"

Spent the day with my old buddy Keenyah who's in town from New York. We hit Roscoe's and caught The Last Exorcism (terrible movie) at The Bridge --- just like old times. Great day, good company, delicious food, horrible movie and gorgeous LA weather.

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Daz Dillinger x In California.

In California, In California
(The home of the city of the Crips & the Bloods)
In California, In California
(And you can get shot oh who they thought you was)
In California, In California
(The home of the cities of the gangstas & bud)
In California, In California
(Haha or you can get bad oh who they thought you was)

Verse 3
Here I am stompin' down choppin' down yo compound
knockin' all y'all out thirty seconds in the first round
Who come around get destroyed off contact
realize & understand homey you don't want that
Check it out let's engage in military actin'
women dope & drama keep me yackin'
Bump all that bullsh(it) you yappin'
them beats & that bullsh you yappin'
I'm about all busy boggin' & cappin'
pistol packin' you don't really want none of this action
Homey, you betta watch out 'cause nothin' can save ya
tattooein' y'all with razors
blazen that it didn't penetrate him but I grazed him
now they callin' Daz unusual playa hater
Back on the spot feelin' high
watchin' as the cops pass by
smokin' fire homey I ain't lyin'
Who the man from Long Beach, California to Japan
Rockin' like wonder MC homey without a band in hand
a why can't control the whole scene
watch it unfold get scold get blown away
any other rapper pay dearly severely y'all come & hear me
Damn you get bruised battered & slammed
niggaz try to see who I am Dat Nigga Daz