Thrift Finds :: Nike Air Flight

At the beginning of summer I told you guys how I'd planned my wardrobe for the season around being the "Fresh Prince of Bayside," borrowing elements from early 90s television icons Carlton Banks and Zack Morris. Well, to say that I've been slacking in my posts this summer would be an understatement, but not without just cause. I've been working hard and I will have lots to show for it this Fall. But even though I haven't been writing as often I have been pretty damn successful with implementing my 90s style inspiration.

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Monique took me to a couple of thrift stores out near her new apartment in Studio City. This was no normal trip to your neighborhood Goodwill or Salvation Army. No! These places were special. The first of which is a thrift that sells gently or never before worn wardrobe from television and movie productions. Talk about GREAT inventory! They had nothing but quality clothing, shoes and accessories! Amongst everything I picked up that day, my favorite item was a pair of Nike Air Flights (pictured above) from the set of Hannah Montana. For some reason that I dared not question, all the inventory from that show was half off that day. So these brand new sneakers, originally priced at $50, ended only being $25! Score one more for The Thrifter!

I'll continue posting my find in the weeks to come...

$4 Sunglasses (Sante Alley)
$2 Big Ben Chambray Shirt (thrift)
heardemsay Button (
$35 Levi's (Levi's Store)
$25 Nike Air Flight (thrift)

Kind of reminiscent of Back to the Future II and Marty McFly, right? I thought so too...