I Heard 'Em Say...

I'm very happy in helping my friend, Lorenzo Diggins --- fellow Angeleno, designer and fashion enthusiast --- celebrate and promote the launch of his company heardemsay™!

heardemsay™ is motivated by one simple purpose-to create moving, thought-provoking art rooted in four key outlets of expression: art, music, poetry, and photography. the intention is to interweave lyrical and visual art through fashion by collaborating with visionary artists who have something to say . we believe art creates stimulating dialogue that might otherwise never be heard. It is our hope that heardemsay™ be the platform for artists to exhibit their boundless dreams to a society thirsty for knowledge. It’s an “ode to self expression.”

When he sent out the mass texts, tweets and BBMs announcing the launch and I watched the video above, I was so inspired I got out of bed and did an additional 2 hours of work before I fell asleep. Haha! True story. His philosophy and energy are contagious.

Also, although they are not yet posted, keep a look out for the heardemsay collection. The button and tote have been 2 of my absolute favorite accessories this summer! Great product!