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Style it You!

One of the greatest exercises of creativity is taking an article of clothing that upon first glance may not be you, but instead taking it as a challenge and styling it to make it completely yours. That's exactly what BLOW Clothing, by Los Angeles based designer Darryl Threat, does for me. Described by the creator himself as "urban couture," BLOW combines colorful American basics with a unique street edge in manner that I've never seen before.

I'd like to think my style is more classic and prep than anything. Most of the clothes I own are timeless basics that can be combined with just about anything. BLOW is the only "urban" line I've allowed access into my closet because its so thoughtfully designed and so well executed in its intention.

The latest piece from BLOW (an exclusive that hasn't yet been released online) is from the Black Diamond Collection - the "Please Don't Provoke the Goons" hoodie & sweatshirt. I LOVE it! Such an ingenious kitschy term! It reminds us that no matter how stylish you are, everyone has a little bit of a "goon" inside - and that can be interpreted in more ways than one. I'm a cerebral beast and when provoked my intellect, creativity and aggression are released!

See how I incorporated the 'Goon' into my style below!

Click here and purchase some BLOW for yourself!

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"All Black Everything" Event

Last night I attended friend and recording artist/producer Malcolm Harvest's "All Black Everything" event. I had an awesome time! What an intensely refreshing experience! It's very rare that I come across an event where people appreciate looking good, being professional and having a great time. Everyone looked amazing in their mostly all black attire. There were live performances by local artists and even a short set by Malcolm himself!

Amongst the Angeleno elite, the party was also attended by Chris Brown, producer Polo da Don (who refused to take a photo with me), and actor Tristan Wilds. It was crazy to be up in VIP standing right next to these guys...and the groupies who were throwing themselves at them. Haha!

I also had an opportunity to do some networking and met my newest partner-in-crime, Earl Grae. Definitely a pleasure talking to him about our outlooks on men's fashion and what we're both trying to do. We have big things in store!

Shout out to my TN fam and other friends Kianna, Keisa, Symphony, Tiffany, Asia, Bryan, Kitti and Trend! Many Kudos to Harvest! Awesome, awesome party! I look forward to many more!

Wardrobe breakdown --- $5 grey dress shirt (Goodwill), $5 black wool blazer (thrift), $10 black bow tie (Men's Warehouse), $0 sequenced pocket square (from Kianna's dress), $10 Kenneth Cole black flat front slacks (Marshall's), $4 black wingtips (thrift).

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The Infamous Denim Shirt

GQ Magazine recently had a great article titled "10 for '10" which includes all the essential basics every man needs for Spring. The article had a feature called "The Multi-Talented Denim Shirt."

It can be one of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe. Dress up your denim by pairing it with a suit, buttoning it up under a cardigan, or knotting up a knit tie with a tie bar. It’s like getting four shirts in one.

I think of the denim shirt as the grown man's white t-shirt. It truly can be paired with virtually anything! I purchased the one you see above for $4 at my local thrift. They have one just about every time I go. I simply styled it with a camping vest, bandanna and the signature denim heart. Great look! Minimal cost. You know how I do!

Pick one up for yourself and get a creative with it. They're definitely in season, so even if you're not into thrifting, you should be able to find one at most retailers.

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Seth Says...

I have a random retail rant and I've been meaning to post this for a minute. Below is what I had in mind (Zara Fall 09, Look #15) for my birthday that just passed. I found it on my daily routine fashion blogagge one day and decided I was going to make every effort to be less than tradition for this major milestone. I immediately started on the hunt for this killer jacket at every Zara in Southern California...no luck. I then visited every major retailer and men's boutique I could think of to find something comparable...no luck. Finally, the search ended with all the swapmeets, flea markets and thrift stores...no luck. I wasn't necessarily upset that I couldn't find the jacket. I was more pissed about the fact that out of all the articles of clothing I'd come across in the weeks leading up to my celebration, nothing was extraordinarily unique. Menswear is SO very boring right now! They've been selling the same stuff for the past 4 seasons - boring blazers, jackets, coats, sweaters, shirts...the list goes on.

But it's not the retailers I blame. It's the general population of men. Most are so cowardice and meek when it comes to the way they dress. Instead of selecting something a little more creative, they opt for what's safe. Gentlemen, you are killing retail! Be bold! Be daring! Shake things up! That's one of the cardinal rule of truly being a stylish man...

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Download :: Teedra Moses "Royal Patience Compilation"

For all those who have been asking, "Where is Teedra Moses?" Look no further. This is my treat to all of you for the day. The Young Lioness, my future ex-wife, just released her new mixtape, Royal Patience Compilation, featuring some new and old tracks. All this is to build the buzz for her upcoming sophomore project, titled The Young Lioness. But judging by how infamous she's become over the years in the streets, I'd say the buzz is already there.

Regardless, wait no further! Click here and enjoy while we all continue to wait patiently for her next LP.

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Thrifting with Sis

I took my sis, Kianna, to the "secret hideaway" on Valentine's Day. Who better to spend it with than both our first love, fashion! I get so much joy when I take people to my favorite thrift stores and see the excitement on their faces! Ki was overwhelmed with all of her finds. She couldn't help but smile from ear-to-ear at all the seconhand jewels she piled in our basket (as seen above). One of which will be revealed very soon! Yeah, it's that good... We spent the rest of the day working on our blogs, collections, and business ideas. It was such a productive day!

Inspired by the trip, I got to thinking about myself and my business. My evolution into a men's fashion journalist has afforded me a lot of awesome opportunities over these past 2 years; and they're only getting bigger and better.

Taking a note from industry giants like Bevy Smith, I'm currently developing my consulting business. Stay tuned for details on "the experience"...

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Street Etiquette :: ‘Sewn From The Soul’

Not like I need Black History Month as excuse to share African Americans in fashion, but it seems so timely that I came across this! These brilliant images are from Street Etiquette’s ‘Sewn from the soul’ editorial. Created to commemorate Black History Month, the feature showcases the geniuses of SE and their extended family pay homage to several key Black figures including Huey P. Newton, Miles Davis and Nat King Cole amongst others.

I got so very excited when I flipped through the online "lookbook." This is truly an awesome concept coupled with excellent execution!

Click here to see it for yourself.

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Winter Beach Bums

One of the most awesome (and worst) things about living in Southern California is the inconsistency of our weather. Temperatures skyrocketed from a cool 50 degrees to somewhere in the 80s over the past few days. Some friends and I decided to take advantage of the heat, as well as our 3 day weekend, and had a very fun and relaxing day at Huntington Beach yesterday.

It's moments like these, and weekends like this past one, that really make me appreciate my life, friends, family and all the opportunities God gives me to smile on a daily basis! Life might not always be what you want it to be, but you have to take the time to truly appreciate the little things!

Eastcoasters, eat your heart out!

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Download :: Curren$y & Wiz Khalifa - How Fly

I know I'm REALLY late with this one, but my boy Brian just put me on Curren$y and Wiz Khalifa. I downloaded their last joint project "How Fly" last week. Phenomenal mixtape!

Click here and download for your listening pleasure!

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A Lil' V-Day Flair

During a trip to a Five Four boutique this past Saturday, I noticed one of the manikins was styled with an outlined fabric heart on the straps of its suspenders. I decided I was going to be a good sport this weekend and really get into the Valentine's Day spirit. Inspired by what I'd seen in the store, I decided to do my own version of the heart. I went home, took my fabric shears & some old denim from a pair of jeans I'd converted into shorts and got to work. I outlined a free-handed heart I drew, cut it out, starched & ironed it really well, and pinned it to my $2 lavender oxford.

This extra piece of flair I added to my ensemble, that only took 10 minutes to make, ended up being a really big hit! I was approached by so many [Valentine's Day sick] women (and people in general) who thought it was "the cutest/greatest thing" they'd ever seen during my very busy social circuit Saturday night. It's those subtle touches that get you noticed and end up being a talking point at parties.

Funny how dollars don't determine how stylish you can be. Creativity is key.

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Tom Ford :: Spring 2010

What's more perfect that the union of designer Tom Ford and model Jon Kortajarena? You give up? The answer is Ford's Spring 2010 collection! He never ceases to amaze me with his unapologetic use of patterns, textures and fabrics...and this coming season: COLOR!

Guys, take note of this collection and remember to bold and daring this Spring!

Click here to see the rest of this oh-so-sick collection!
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RIP :: Alexander McQueen

Today is a sad, sad day for the fashion industry. British fashion designer Alexander McQueen has committed suicide earlier this morning.

Official Statement from the McQueen family:
On behalf of Lee McQueen’s family, Alexander McQueen today announces the tragic news that Lee McQueen, the founder and designer of the Alexander McQueen brand has been found dead at his home. At this stage it is inappropriate to comment on this tragic news beyond saying that we are devastated and are sharing a sense of shock and grief with Lee’s family.

Lee’s family has asked for privacy in order to come to terms with this terrible news and we hope the media will respect this.

This brilliant visionary will truly be missed...
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Weekend Finds

I want to start including my weekend (and weekday) finds from the thrift and other random stores I visit. This weekend was a complete success! I snagged everything you see below. And of course...I got it for cheap!

I LOVE visiting Urban Outfitters every now and again because I'm almost guaranteed to find a great pair of shoes or two. However, I only purchase shoes and accessories from UO. My thrifting skills are superior so I feel like I can find just about any article of clothing they're selling at one of my favorite second hand stores. Just a personal thing of mine. No diss to anyone who shops there.

I don't know if its the recession, but they've been having a lot of great sales on all their inventory. Saturday night I found a pair of one of my favorite emerging brands, Generic Surplus for $9.99! Ultimate score!

I'm fortunate enough to always be able to find great designer pieces at my favorite (and very secret) thrift store. I was able to get all the shirts you see above, including the 3 Ralph Lauren, for $3 - 5 each! I really heart oxfords so I was really pleased with these purchases.

All these ties were an unbelievable .95¢ each! I love the different colors, textures and patterns. It's called diversity gentlemen. Please get rid of that polyester printed "Dad" tie and select something a little more unconventional. It'll definitely make you stand out.

Vintage camping vest (thrift), $2.50

$10 Black Wool Blazer (thrift), $4 Tweet Sportscoat (thrift)
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Download :: Coldplay - LeftRightLeftRightLeft

Avid Coldplay fans rejoice! As an appreciation for their fans, the British rockband has released a free downloadable live album on their official website! This the same album that was given away for free at their North American Viva la Vida tour in 2009. I'm sitting here listening right now and this is a great live collection! Click here and download a FREE copy for yourself!

1. Glass of Water
2. 42
3. Clocks
4. Strawberry Swing
5. The Hardest Part/Postcards From Far Away
6. Viva La Vida
7. Death Will Never Conquer
8. Fix You
9. Death and All His Friends

You're welcome!
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Kicks with Character

Long gone are the days when I'd spend over an hour prepping my wardrobe for the next day at school. The days when I'd patiently wait for the faucet water to get scalding hot and add it to a coffee mug of toothpaste, alcohol and other random cleaning supplies; fold an old towel on the floor of my bedroom; grab a toothbrush; and clean every nook and cranny of my sneakers like a madman. The golden rule that govenred my adolescents is that you couldn't be considered "fashionable" unless everything you donned was neat, clean and pristine.

Fast forward to today, those rules of yesteryear are now null and void. We're living in a time where fashion is schizophrenic and their are very few rules - especially for the stylishly fearless. My toothbrush is now retired and I just let time and circumstance do what they will to my favorite canvas and boating shoes.

My all "white" Converse All Stars above are what I consider to be dirtied to perfection. I've had them a few years now and they go with just about everything casual I own. Not filthy, but worn enough to give them character. They definitely set the tone for a relaxed look.

This is only suitable for certain shoes; limited to mainly canvas and boating shoes. Allowing them to get weathered guarantees not having to buy replacements for years at a time.