The Look 4 Less :: Part I

As you all know I'm a firm believer in the mantra "get the look you want for less" just like the TV show on the Style Network. I always tell people who complain about their inability to dress well to start by duplicating a look they saw in a magazine or on TV they really admired. Being truly stylish is all about being comfortable and true to your own personal taste. It wasn't until I realized the difference between having an appreciation for a look and actually being able to (or being comfortable enough to) pull it off, that I considered myself a true fashionisto.

Before I left the house for work this morning I snapped a photo of myself (via BlackBerry) to show how I took elements from this Nom de Guerre Spring '10 look I really like. Sans the white necktie and hat, I was very successful at achieving the look in a way that is also appropriate for work...and of course I got it for cheap.

$10 Shirt (Old Navy), $10 Belt (GAP), $15 Chinos (Old Navy) and $65 Sperry Top-Siders (