My Sartorial Roots :: Granddaddy

Inspired by The Sartorialist's recent post on some old photos he found at a flea market, I want to start a new series about my own sartorial roots using old family photos I've been able to dig up.

Meet my "Granddaddy." He passed when I was 9 years old but I still remember him like it was yesterday. My grandfather was truly one of the most stylish men I've ever known personally. He was never without a crisp pair of pants or jeans, a timeless jacket and his Skoal chewing tobacco. He never lounged around in old shorts and t-shirts. As long as I can remember he always got up early and got dressed as if he had a full day's worth of activities to do and people to see. Sloppiness was not an option for Joe.

When I found this picture I had to take a minute and relish in how much I was delighted to see it. It captured the very essence of my grandfather, along with elements of myself and my own personal taste. Besides the shiny record player and neatly rolled joint in his hand, I couldn't help but fall in love with the brilliant shawl collar sweater he's wearing. This definitely embodies the term "timeless." Although this photo was taken sometime in the early 80s, I'd still wear the hell out of it. Granddaddy has surely had an influence on my personal style without my knowing it. Just about every sweater I've purchased this Fall/Winter is a shawl neck/collar. The only thing I didn't inherit from my grandfather I always wanted was his naturally half black, half gray mustache. How fly is that?