"You Smell Good..."

I'm always going on about what it takes to look good, but let's talk about smelling good. Making an impression in any environment goes far beyond clothing. You have to stimulate all 5 senses to leave a lasting mark.

I recently paid a visit to Bloomingdale's at the Beverly Center to hunt for the perfect scent, as I had just run out of my beloved Thierry Mugler AngelMEN. My nose is equally as sensitive as my eyes are to bad fashion and rude colorways, so the process took a little while - a lot of spraying, sneezing and sniffing coffee beans after each bottle. Thanks to the help of the sweet sales woman and my best friend, I was able to narrow it down to the amazing fragrances you see below...
The first one I decided on was Prada Infusion d'Homme. I was instantly sold when she sprayed it on my wrist. This is an idiosyncratic and subtle fragrance for the contemporary man. Triggering a mood of optimism and vitality, Infusion d’Homme is a fragrance that encompasses a man’s lifestyle, but it doesn’t act as a mask or disguise a man’s personality. It is a scent that works closely with the body, its modernity lying in a natural ability to become infused with the character of its wearer. With its refined and yet transformative power, Infusion d’Homme is not about high impact. It is present and yet discreet, adapting to any occasion.

The other one I chose was Hanae Mori. HM is a woody, oriental scent. Its top notes are lavender and black currant. The middle notes are iris, jasmine, Lily of the Valley and Bulgarian rose. The base notes are moss, vanilla, amber, Tonka bean, cedar and sandalwood. Perfect for late night outings and social environments. It makes me feel distinguished.

A couple of things to note when shopping for the perfect cologne:
  1. Like style, your scent has to be personal. You should never purchase anything because its popular.
  2. Any expert will tell you that all fragrances smell different when they're in the bottle than they do on the skin. You have to spray it on yourself to get a true representation of whether or not it will work for you.
  3. You may have noticed that I mentioned sniffing coffee beans above. You've probably never noticed, but every good sales counter should have a can of coffee beans. The purpose is to cleanse your nostrils in order to make a distinction between scents. Otherwise everything will start smelling the same.
  4. ALWAYS take a women who has good taste with you. She can help point you in the right direction. After all, most of us are wearing cologne to impress a potential love interest anyway, right?


Wordsmith | February 4, 2010 at 8:09 AM

Hanae Mori is my signature colgone! I been on it since '07. Don't put 'em on to it Young Seth! They aren't worthy! lol

On another note, its definitely an evening scent. Everytime I smell it on a piece of clothing it reminds me of a good night.