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I LOVE 'The Daily Show!!!'

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Sara Palin? Is McCain fucking serious? Does he really believe that the American people are going to go for this desperately reactive decision to elect a woman his vice presidential candidate? OMG! This is pathetic!

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"Good Morning" by Kanye West

Takashi Murakami is a brilliant artist!


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God, I love this woman...

Did you see Michelle Obama's speech at the Democratic National Convention? (Long sigh)

Watch...try not to cry...


DENVER - It was Michelle Obama's speech, but her husband said it highlighted one of his attributes — one he says voters should want in a president.

"Now you know why I asked her out so many times, even though she said no," Barack Obama, the Democratic presidential nominee-in-waiting, told delegates by satellite Monday night after she delivered the first major speech of the Democratic convention.

"You want a persistent president," he said.

In her speech, Michelle Obama told cheering delegates jammed into the Pepsi Center and a nation watching on television that she and the possible future president have shared their hopes and dreams, and their struggles, too.

Afterward, their daughters — Sasha and Malia — joined her on stage and Stevie Wonder's "Isn't She Lovely" blared from the convention hall. Microphone in hand, the girls began smiling and waving at their father after his familiar face popped up on a large screen erected on stage.

"How about that Michelle Obama?" Barack Obama said. He told her: "You were unbelievable."

"You also look very cute," he said.

Anyone who travels as much as Obama does can get confused about where they are on any given night, and Obama is no exception. He mistakenly said he had watched the speech at the home of a St. Louis family — despite the cue card affixed to the camera as a reminder that he was actually 230 miles away in Kansas City, Mo., where had scheduled a campaign appearance Tuesday.

Sensing the flub, 7-year-old Sasha apparently was prompted to ask: "Daddy, what city are you in?"

"I'm in Kansas City, sweetie."

Obama asked their opinion of their mother's performance and it was unanimous. Both thought she "did good."

After several "I love yous" and Sasha — the hammier sister — blew her dad a kiss, he signed off for the night.

"Listen, I want you guys to look after the girls, look after mommy before I get there and I'll see you guys on Thursday, all right," he said. "Love you guys."

In Kansas City, reporters asked Obama how it felt to watch his wife. During the speech, and a biographical video shown before she spoke, Obama occasionally wiped his eyes.

"You notice my younger daughter is the ham," he said.

"She was unbelievable. But I'm not surprised. When she does something, she does it well," he said of Michelle. "She told her story. It's a story that a lot of families can relate to. Her dad struggled, worked hard. And here, his daughter, is addressing the nation."

Barack Obama closes the convention Thursday night with his acceptance speech at Invesco Field at Mile High.
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Details Magazine Picks the Season's Best Suits

Fuckin Aye!

Suit, shirt, and tie by Calvin Klein Collection. Boots by Yves Saint Lauren.

Yves Saint Laurent.

Suit, shirt, and scarf by Gucci. Belt by Tom Ford.

Ralph Lauren Black Label.

Suit, shirt, pocket square, and belt by Valentino. Tie by Gucci. Watch by DeBeers.

Tom Ford.

Suit and shirt by Z Zegna. Tie by Thomas Pink.

Shirt, suit, and belt by Dior Homme. Tie by Gucci.

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Biggest Loser This Fall!

I can't fucking wait!!!

I'm SO in love with this show! I owe a huge part of my weight loss over the past year to 'Biggest Loser.' Sure, reality TV is for entertainment, but it gave me the motivation and education I needed to do what I had to do. No bullshit, this show changes lives. It changed mine...

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Ahhh! Last night...WAY too much fun!

Mo came out to L.A. to visit for her birthday, so you KNOW I had to put something together! Drunken go-cart racing at Mulligan's, loud ass belligerent conversations over dinner at the Elephant Bar, and good times at Saddle Ranch - GREAT NIGHT!

Our group was almost entirely comprised of old friends from high school. It was good to see everyone in good health, doing well, college educated - beautiful scene. God has shown his favor on us. He's blessed us tremendously. And it's during times like last night when I'm especially greatful for my life and friends...

Flyest Brother and Sister you know!

Misch SMASH!

Jo'Nie and B!

Misch and Ray ready to race

Tequila smiles

The Bako crew and T

Happy Birthday Sissy!

Rice, Ray and Me

The whole crew in Hollywood
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Greatest website EVER - Hulu!

Hulu offers full episodes and segments from over 400 different TV shows, some no longer on the air, some in syndication, and many currently shown only in the United States. The TV content on Hulu is provided by NBC, Fox, and their TV production subsidiaries Universal Media Studios and 20th Century Fox Television, respectively, as well as the aforementioned cable networks, and other TV studios such as Sony Pictures Television, Warner Bros. Television, MGM Television, and Lionsgate Television. Hulu allows users to share or edit these clips. Shows that get the most traffic on the site include The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, Battlestar Galactica, The Simpsons, Arrested Development, Family Guy, The Office, Saturday Night Live, American Dad!, and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. It is the original host of Joss Whedon's Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog which was the first show made available to all of the world, not just America.

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First Promotional Pictures for "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" movie

AHHH! I'm SO excited!

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This Week's Picks

Silas Fall 08 Collection

PF Flyers 08 Collection

Raf Simons for Eastpak

Starter Black Label

Supra NS Skytop Patent Red

Melton M-65 Jacket

Common Projects


Ato Matsumoto Cow Hide Boot Line-Up

Ian Ginoza Jack Purcells for Converse Red Chuck Taylor

Lanvin Hi Top Sneakers


BKC Porter Collection

"Dreamer" Denim Jacket for Collette GAP Collection

Trench for Collette GAP Collection

Puff Coat for Collette GAP Collection
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U.S. Gets the Gold for International Basketball!!!