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Ill Narative :: Andre 3000

God (interlude) - Andre 3000

God, Come in God
God come in God
Damn you're a girl
I guess the reason I'm talking to you tonight is
Cause I've been doing a lot of thinking and
And I consider myself a pretty cool guy
And I never cheated on any of my girlfriends
Well, except that one time in Japan
But that was just for head and head don't count right
Thanks God I knew you'd understand
Well, I just feel like
Well to be honest with you
God I just need a sweet bitch
You know somebody no to, not too fast but not too slow
Cause I don't have it all to do it my damn self
And life aint easy
You know I just want somebody by your side to help smooth
That thang out you know what I'm talking about
And at this point
I mean I'm not being picky
She don't even have to a big ol ass you know
Just something well proportioned to her body
You know a nice little tail you know
What you say you, you say you found somebody
Is she cute? So when do I get to met her?
Awww, God you are the greatest
Well, I guess I'll talk to you later Amen oh I'm sorry,
I'm sorry Alady
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The Apple iPad

Steve Jobs, along with his ever-present god-awful oversized black turtleneck, announced the new Apple iPad this morning. "Everybody uses a laptop and smartphone. A question has arisen: Is there room for a third device between a laptop and smartphone?" Jobs asked. "We've got something that is. We call it the iPad."

iPad features include the ability to browse the Web and listen to music, with photo, calendar, and maps applications. It will work with the iTunes store to let users discover and purchase music, movies and TV shows, Jobs added. When the iPad is turned sideways, it orients the view for the user, much like the iPhone.

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Nom de Guerre SS 2010

“Combat Continues” Collection
I love this collection! The line takes its inspiration from military clothing and makes use of a lot of camouflage patterns --- very sharp, crisp design.
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Happy Birthday to me!!!

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Happy New Year!

Alright, I KNOW I'm late! Twelve days to be exact, but better late than never, right? I haven't blogged in over a month, but according to the counter, you guys have still been visiting quite frequently and I want you to know that it means the WORLD to me! Thank you so much! I've been doing this for 2 years now and I have no plans of stopping anytime soon. So as long as you're reading and enjoying the content, I'll keep writing and sharing!

Yes, I'm one of those people that make New Years resolutions and makes every attempt to follow through with them. I know it may be a little corny, but I believe wholeheartedly in new beginnings and the symbolism of a new year holds. I made a bunch of resolutions myself, but I'm not going share. I'm learning to keep things like that more private. That way when things don't manifest themselves the way you'd planned, you have disappointed no one except yourself. I will however say that all of them are tailored to self-progression, evolution, and moving ONWARD AND UPWARD!

I have A LOT in store for 2010! Stay tuned...
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"Fresh" Family Photos

As always, kudos are in order for my favorite street fashion photographer Scott Schuman. And since I take every opportunity I get to exhibit something related to African Americans and fashion, I had to share this...

During a regular visit to the Chelsea Flea Market in New York, Scott came across a fist-full of old photos from an unknown Black family. So delighted with the style and attention to detail, he purchased the pictures and posted them on his blog. I have to agree with the Sartorialist. They were a great find from which so many questions can be derived by the fashionably inquisitive mind --- "Where are they from? Are any of them still alive? Was the style of this generation carried on to the next? Where did they shop? What did style and fashion mean to them and how did it help them fit in or alienate them from their neighbors?"

Click here to see the entire article.
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Style Wars :: The Office, Part II

Just wanted to reiterate that professional style doesn't have to be expensive. I've had yet another successful Fall/Winter in the thrift and stumbling across sales, bargains and discounts. I don't necessarily have to go to work like this, but why not? You know? I really don't subscribe to the old cliche "clothes don't make the man." My philosophy is almost the contrary. Sure, my clothes don't at all make me who I am, but it definitely helps tell my story. I've found that colleagues, managers and clients in every job I've had are always more drawn to me because of the way I dress and it also makes for a conversation starter in and outside of the office. When people start with the compliments, I always preach the gospel of getting the look for less. It's an awesome gateway into who I am and what I'm truly passionate about. It's called networking people! Get into it! Haha!

What are you telling people about yourself through your wardrobe, huh?

I call this one the Old Navy special. Just about every piece I'm wearing is from the aforementioned retailer. Shocked, right? And you know I got it for cheap...
$20 Tweed Sportscoat (Old Navy Outlet), $5 Plaid Shirt (Old Navy Outlet), $15 Black Khakis (Old Navy Outlet), $5 Black Scarf (H&M), $1 Black Bandanna as handkerchief (Swapmeet)

$30 Chunky Knit Cardigan (Heritage), $2 Ralph Lauren dress shirt (thrift), $10 Chinos (Old Navy), $3 Brown Scarf (Target), $.97 Vintage tie (thrift)

One of my favorite finds as of late...
$1 Vintage Ralph Lauren Messenger Bag (Goodwill)
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13 Year Old Prodigy at Morehouse

I'm so very proud right now! I've gotten numerous @'s on Twitter today that there is a 13 year old prodigy at my Alma mater, Morehouse College, named Stephen Stanford II!

Read the rest of the story here.
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Terry's Diary

Terry Richardson, one of my favorite photog's, has release his own personal blog. Terry's Diary documents his life, work, family, fashion and if you're familiar, you know there's a lot of random craziness too!

Enjoy, as I will!
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Download :: Intuition & Verbs - Buzz

New music is always integrated in my life so organically. No one can make me or bug me enough to listen to something I haven't heard. So imagine my surprise when my boy OD made me listen to Westcoast artists Intuition & Verbs' Buzz EP and I instantly fell in love! This is SO refreshing! A true-to-life listening of where Westcoast hip hop should be!

Click here and download this music dope. I guarantee it'll instantly grip you!

1. Hip No Ties (produced by Alpha MC)
2. Touch the Moon (produced by Fudd Burton)
3. What You Make It (produced by Aspect 1)
4. See Us (produced by Equalibrum)
5. Really (produced by Dibiase)
6. Live Write (produced by Alpha MC, featuring Dj MurjOne)