Style Wars :: The Office, Part II

Just wanted to reiterate that professional style doesn't have to be expensive. I've had yet another successful Fall/Winter in the thrift and stumbling across sales, bargains and discounts. I don't necessarily have to go to work like this, but why not? You know? I really don't subscribe to the old cliche "clothes don't make the man." My philosophy is almost the contrary. Sure, my clothes don't at all make me who I am, but it definitely helps tell my story. I've found that colleagues, managers and clients in every job I've had are always more drawn to me because of the way I dress and it also makes for a conversation starter in and outside of the office. When people start with the compliments, I always preach the gospel of getting the look for less. It's an awesome gateway into who I am and what I'm truly passionate about. It's called networking people! Get into it! Haha!

What are you telling people about yourself through your wardrobe, huh?

I call this one the Old Navy special. Just about every piece I'm wearing is from the aforementioned retailer. Shocked, right? And you know I got it for cheap...
$20 Tweed Sportscoat (Old Navy Outlet), $5 Plaid Shirt (Old Navy Outlet), $15 Black Khakis (Old Navy Outlet), $5 Black Scarf (H&M), $1 Black Bandanna as handkerchief (Swapmeet)

$30 Chunky Knit Cardigan (Heritage), $2 Ralph Lauren dress shirt (thrift), $10 Chinos (Old Navy), $3 Brown Scarf (Target), $.97 Vintage tie (thrift)

One of my favorite finds as of late...
$1 Vintage Ralph Lauren Messenger Bag (Goodwill)