Download :: Intuition & Verbs - Buzz

New music is always integrated in my life so organically. No one can make me or bug me enough to listen to something I haven't heard. So imagine my surprise when my boy OD made me listen to Westcoast artists Intuition & Verbs' Buzz EP and I instantly fell in love! This is SO refreshing! A true-to-life listening of where Westcoast hip hop should be!

Click here and download this music dope. I guarantee it'll instantly grip you!

1. Hip No Ties (produced by Alpha MC)
2. Touch the Moon (produced by Fudd Burton)
3. What You Make It (produced by Aspect 1)
4. See Us (produced by Equalibrum)
5. Really (produced by Dibiase)
6. Live Write (produced by Alpha MC, featuring Dj MurjOne)