FUNNY MOMENTS brought to you by Santa Monica's Homeless


I work in Santa Monica. It's a beautiful city right by the beach, but it has one of the largest homeless populations in Los Angeles. Every morning when I walk from my parking garage to my office building, I usually run into 5 homeless people in between those 3 streets. Some of them regulars. Like the "Chain Man." He's this guy who wears a bunch of chains and makes "music" with them. If you didn't know any better you'd think dude was in his right mind, but...chains? Anyway, on my hike from parking garage to office I ran into this random homeless dude I've never seen before. He asks me for change, of course, and before I could respond he goes..."It's for my sex change operation!!!" I laughed hard as fuck and told him I didn't have any cash (never carry it, anyone who knows me knows that). Then he says, "Alright! I got you. You'll be singing a different tune when you see me tomorrow buddy!"