Kicks with Character

Long gone are the days when I'd spend over an hour prepping my wardrobe for the next day at school. The days when I'd patiently wait for the faucet water to get scalding hot and add it to a coffee mug of toothpaste, alcohol and other random cleaning supplies; fold an old towel on the floor of my bedroom; grab a toothbrush; and clean every nook and cranny of my sneakers like a madman. The golden rule that govenred my adolescents is that you couldn't be considered "fashionable" unless everything you donned was neat, clean and pristine.

Fast forward to today, those rules of yesteryear are now null and void. We're living in a time where fashion is schizophrenic and their are very few rules - especially for the stylishly fearless. My toothbrush is now retired and I just let time and circumstance do what they will to my favorite canvas and boating shoes.

My all "white" Converse All Stars above are what I consider to be dirtied to perfection. I've had them a few years now and they go with just about everything casual I own. Not filthy, but worn enough to give them character. They definitely set the tone for a relaxed look.

This is only suitable for certain shoes; limited to mainly canvas and boating shoes. Allowing them to get weathered guarantees not having to buy replacements for years at a time.


Ominy Karess | February 9, 2010 at 2:01 PM

YES! I feel the SAME way about my classic black/white chucks. When I first bought them...I HATE them. They were so NEW. So clean. So fresh.

Then I wore them to the park with my [boy]friend at the time....and we played softball. DIRTY, DUSTY softball. IN THE RAIN.

by the time I got home they were filthy. I threw those bad boys in the washer...let them airdry...and they then, and only then, became---

Though Im a girl's girl and frequent a pair of anything with a 4+inch heel...those are secretly my favorite pair of shoes.

Great post :-)