Weekend Finds

I want to start including my weekend (and weekday) finds from the thrift and other random stores I visit. This weekend was a complete success! I snagged everything you see below. And of course...I got it for cheap!

I LOVE visiting Urban Outfitters every now and again because I'm almost guaranteed to find a great pair of shoes or two. However, I only purchase shoes and accessories from UO. My thrifting skills are superior so I feel like I can find just about any article of clothing they're selling at one of my favorite second hand stores. Just a personal thing of mine. No diss to anyone who shops there.

I don't know if its the recession, but they've been having a lot of great sales on all their inventory. Saturday night I found a pair of one of my favorite emerging brands, Generic Surplus for $9.99! Ultimate score!

I'm fortunate enough to always be able to find great designer pieces at my favorite (and very secret) thrift store. I was able to get all the shirts you see above, including the 3 Ralph Lauren, for $3 - 5 each! I really heart oxfords so I was really pleased with these purchases.

All these ties were an unbelievable .95¢ each! I love the different colors, textures and patterns. It's called diversity gentlemen. Please get rid of that polyester printed "Dad" tie and select something a little more unconventional. It'll definitely make you stand out.

Vintage camping vest (thrift), $2.50

$10 Black Wool Blazer (thrift), $4 Tweet Sportscoat (thrift)


alfie | February 9, 2010 at 8:09 PM

i am so hating on the ties...!!!

LaLa | February 10, 2010 at 9:47 AM

someone's been shoppin... ;)

fyi: miss your face