Thrifting with Sis

I took my sis, Kianna, to the "secret hideaway" on Valentine's Day. Who better to spend it with than both our first love, fashion! I get so much joy when I take people to my favorite thrift stores and see the excitement on their faces! Ki was overwhelmed with all of her finds. She couldn't help but smile from ear-to-ear at all the seconhand jewels she piled in our basket (as seen above). One of which will be revealed very soon! Yeah, it's that good... We spent the rest of the day working on our blogs, collections, and business ideas. It was such a productive day!

Inspired by the trip, I got to thinking about myself and my business. My evolution into a men's fashion journalist has afforded me a lot of awesome opportunities over these past 2 years; and they're only getting bigger and better.

Taking a note from industry giants like Bevy Smith, I'm currently developing my consulting business. Stay tuned for details on "the experience"...


foolio_iglesias | March 14, 2010 at 11:50 AM

That is one of the most organized thrift stores I've ever seen.