Style it You!

One of the greatest exercises of creativity is taking an article of clothing that upon first glance may not be you, but instead taking it as a challenge and styling it to make it completely yours. That's exactly what BLOW Clothing, by Los Angeles based designer Darryl Threat, does for me. Described by the creator himself as "urban couture," BLOW combines colorful American basics with a unique street edge in manner that I've never seen before.

I'd like to think my style is more classic and prep than anything. Most of the clothes I own are timeless basics that can be combined with just about anything. BLOW is the only "urban" line I've allowed access into my closet because its so thoughtfully designed and so well executed in its intention.

The latest piece from BLOW (an exclusive that hasn't yet been released online) is from the Black Diamond Collection - the "Please Don't Provoke the Goons" hoodie & sweatshirt. I LOVE it! Such an ingenious kitschy term! It reminds us that no matter how stylish you are, everyone has a little bit of a "goon" inside - and that can be interpreted in more ways than one. I'm a cerebral beast and when provoked my intellect, creativity and aggression are released!

See how I incorporated the 'Goon' into my style below!

Click here and purchase some BLOW for yourself!


LaLa | March 1, 2010 at 2:44 PM

you are like too cool for school, love that bow tie friend!