Check Out :: Fiero "Olde Ivory" Mixtape

While sifting through mountains of e-mails this morning I stumbled across my always anticipated How Bomb Newsletter from Res Infinitus. The "Music Monday" Issue No. 60 had all the ingredients to satisfy any music lover's iPod's appetite. Among Travis Barker's cover of "Forever" and Kanye's newest song "I'm So Appalled" was DJ supergroup Fiero's newest mixtape "Olde Ivory." I've been listening to it non-stop, all day! This is truly one of the best collections of mashups I've heard in years! Nicky Savage and crew really dug deep for this one. An hour long ride of blissful listening.

Click here and listen for yourself! I've been trying to find the actual mixtape to download all morning. If I stumble across it, trust I'll post it for you guys!


Nicky Savage | January 19, 2010 at 5:43 PM

Glad you liked the mix!! You can download it free @ Much Love and Respect