Throwback :: Malibu Me

For some strange reason I can't explain I decided to go through my old e-mails this morning. I don't mean like last year. I mean, I hit the "Last" page link in my e-mail box. I found so many great pictures that it inspired me to start a new series on my blog called "Throwback." I think I've done it before, but whatever.

These pictures were taken a few summers and about 60 lbs ago. When I was in school at Morehouse, I was involved with INROADS and I interned in the Entertainment department at Mattel. I have never had so much during the course of 2 summers! Mattel's internship program is amazing. They had some type of activity for us almost every week. We did everything from go to the distribution centers in Tijuana, Mexico, to sitting in box seats at the Staples Center for L.A. Sparks games. I learned a lot, made some great friends, and had a blast while doing it all!

The photos were taken during summer 2005 at the Mattel employee picnic. My friend Judy and I were getting out Malibu Barbie & Ken on. Hilarious, right?!