What if...

In recent years, being a college student and living a hectic lifestyle I became quite dependent on Red Bull. Anyone who has ever gone out with me knows that I can't start off my night without one. But this heavy dependency has resulted in almost complete immunity. They don't have the same affect they used to. Instead of getting a boost of energy, it just helps me coast through the night. With things picking up in my life this is ALL BAD. I need another alternative method since the organic route (sleep) and the artificial method (energy shots and drinks) are no longer options.

In my delirious, fatigued state, I thought to myself...wouldn't it be cool if life imitated art. I wish I could punch a suspicious looking box open and touch the random object inside to get all the energy I need. Imagine what you could accomplish if you NEVER needed to sleep.

Weird and random, I know. I'm just saying...


Mrs. Johnson | February 19, 2009 at 2:59 PM

now i have the super mario bros song in my head!!!! and all of the different sounds!!! hahaha! i'm dancing at my desk!

i'd really like life to imitate art if i could knock some people out and start the game all over again cuz i'd want to keep my job. haha!

LaLa | February 23, 2009 at 11:43 AM

agreed! agreed! agreed!

but I love my redbull even tho just like you I really DOUBT it does anything anymore lol

good what if thought buddy!