Chris Brown & Rihanna :: My Thoughts

I'll admit it. When I first heard this story last week, I couldn't stop laughing. I thought it was absolutely hilarious. I have a very demented sense of humor, I know. But there was something about the thought of Chris Brown's young, pop-lockin ass putting his hands on someone that I found funny.

*I'll brace myself for the backlash from that statement, but if you keep all the way 100, you know you were laughing too.

Clarity's finally set in and I've finally been able to stop laughing and think about their situation. First, I don't have an opinion on who was right or wrong. I've read and heard so many stories that I don't know what to believe. Initially, I heard that the whole thing had erupted because Rihanna cheated on Chris Brown and gave him an STD. Then, I heard that Rihanna attacked him after he received a text message from another woman. And just a few minutes ago, a co-worker sent me an article stating that Chris Brown called it quits with Rihanna weeks before the Grammy's, but both parties' publicists felt it would be in their best interests to appear together at the show. Supposed the girl was IN THE CAR WITH THEM when the incident occurred. Whoa! I will, however, on the subject of being right or wrong will state that regardless of what happened, I have absolutely no respect for men who put their hands on women! NONE! My father taught my brother's and I from day one that any man who puts his hands on a woman is a coward. Period.

Moving on, I feel like what has happened between these 2 in the past week is really unfortunate - nothing else. I really like the two of them, together or separate. Here you have two very young, promising artists who had a very nasty, public domestic violence incident that they cannot take back. I know that both of them have had endorsements yanked and have been forced to cancel upcoming shows. Regardless of what damage control is done, neither one of them (especially Chris Brown) will ever be received the same by the public.

My heart really goes out to them and their families.


LaLa | February 17, 2009 at 3:37 PM

dont even get me started on this.. UGH! be muchly appreciate your insight I'm just sick of the WHOLE damn thing tho, real talk!