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I've been on facebook since my sophomore year of college. Way back when it was only for college students. I love facebook! I'm not one of those people who's going to pretend like social networking is lame, but secretly check it every 5 minutes. I really can't stand that. If you hate facebook and MySpace then delete your account! No? That's what I thought. LoL!

Anyway, since I've been on there's always these weird trends that members adopt every few months. At one time, people couldn't enough of creating "Groups." Then there was the whole "Gift" giving thing. Now, for some reason people have gone back to posting "Notes" with this phenomenon I can't explain called "25 Random Facts About Me." I was against it at first, but then I had to give in. It was a lot of fun. I don't think mine were too personal so here so below are my 25 Random Facts:

1. Nothing upsets me more than people who are always late! Sometimes I get so mad I have to talk myself out of saying very mean things to them. If you say you will be somewhere at_ o’clock, I expect you to be there. Period!

2. I have a chronic fear of relationships. I talk about it sometimes, but no one can imagine how bad it really is. Heartbreak sucks and I never want to go through it again.

3. Every year of my life seems to get better and better – from middle school to now. The only years I didn’t really like were freshman year of college and Fall 07. Living life without my Supers was really hard.

4. If you’re tagged to this note, I love the shit out of you and you mean the world to me. If not, it doesn’t mean that I don’t, but they only allow you to tag 25 people.

5. I’ve known I wanted to go into the fashion industry since I was in the 10th grade. Nothing interests me more. It took me a long time except it. I’ve always LOVED fashion, but I secretly and shamefully admit that I didn’t want anyone to think I was gay. I’ve obviously grown since then and realize how much of a fuck I could give about what someone thinks about me. I can’t wait to start at FIDM!

6. I feel like shit if I don’t blog all day. Weekends are the only exception. I love doing that shit. Read it: http://mrsociallyactive.blogspot.com.

7. I lost about 75 lbs last year. Partly from being extremely motivated. The other part was that I was extremely depressed. Since then, I’ve gained back my happiness, as well as 25 lbs. I’m so ashamed! But I can’t seem to get motivated again.

8. I secretly want to shop at every thrift store within a 100 mile radius. I like shopping at Goodwills more than I like shopping at department stores now. I know it sounds weird, but I still look better than 99.9% of the other guys I see out.

9. The thought of having children any time in the next 6 years scares the shit out of me! I have nightmares about it.

10. I daydream about being a billionaire all the time. All the people I’d give money to. All the things I’d buy. All the trips I would take…

11. Yes, my best friend is a girl. And NO we’ve never had sex or messed around. I so wish people would stop asking me that… The closer we become, the more she’s like my sister. The thought of doing anything with her almost makes me want to throw up… She’s my ace and I seriously don’t know what I’d do without her. We keep talking about how we’re going to make our weddings work. Me, the “groomsman of honor” and her, the “best woman?” And Misch, I’m not wearing a fucking dress! LoL!

12. I love my BlackBerry. All other cellphones are garbage in comparison.

13. I’m trying to accept that my family members can’t be who I want them to be. I have to accept that all of us choose our own destinies.

14. I love my Superfriends so much! OMG! You guys are one of the greatest things that ever happened to me. My life in Atlanta did not begin until we all came together. I secretly dream about all of us moving back to Atlanta one day and living on the same street and having our kids at the same time. Sick, I know. I also dream about all us of being on Oprah one day talking about our accomplishments in our respective careers. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about all of you.

15. I rarely regret anything I do. I might second guess it, but I'd never take anything back.

16. I’m lactose intolerant so I’m always gassy. If someone farted, it was probably me.

17. Text messaging everyday with Chuva does something for my spirit. It’s the best mantra for success EVER!!!

18. I don’t think I’ll ever get over Sylvanna’s death. Ever. I still cry whenever I look at her obituary.

19. I’m extremely attracted to artsy woman. They drive me crazy. Nothing is less attractive to me than ghetto girl. Ugh!

20. I have a dire fear of tarantulas. I can’t even look at one. They seriously freak me out.

21. Yes, I’m one of those arrogant Morehouse niggas and for good reason. You’ll get over it.

22. I really like drinking and having kickbacks with my friends. Something about the combination of those 2 makes for an unrivaled good time.

23. I really like 80s pop music. No, like I REALLY like 80s pop music. It takes everything I have in me not to sing “Girls Just Want to have Fun” when it comes on in public.

24. I’m not as against plastic surgery as I used to be. I’m secretly considering getting 2 procedures done in the future. Nothing drastic though.

25. I seriously don’t know what I’d do without John and Ant. Y’all are truly 2 of the best friends I’ve ever had.


Mrs. Johnson | February 2, 2009 at 2:32 PM

i didn't even get past #1 cuz I'M ALWAYS LATE. i'm sure you've noticed that a couple of times while waiting for me at lunch ;) lol

i'll read the rest...

LaLa | February 3, 2009 at 11:57 AM

I feel so much more in tune with the notions of what is Mr. Socially Active. Your so real it's unreal!