Weekend Dreaming 01.30.09

I am hella tired right now...like, can hardly keep my eyes open here at work. This is crazy. All the ripping and running around I did this week has finally caught up to me.

It's been an extremely hectic and stressful week, but all things I've been putting so much work and love into will definitely pay off in the long run. I would complain, but I asked for this. I constantly pray and ask God for the desires of my heart and I truly believe that all he's doing is preparing me for what's to come. Early mornings and late nights. Business meetings and social events. Shaking hands and making friends. Extreme disappointment and unrivaled excitement. This is all merely practice.

Thank God for good friends. I love all you guys!

Schedule: Terrorizing the streets of L.A. tonight with big bro. Gym, running errands and catching up with some old friends tomorrow night. And Super Bowl Party at John's Sunday...That is, if I can manage to get some sleep! Haha!

Happy Friday people. God Bless you and good night!


Miss.Stefanie | January 31, 2009 at 4:14 PM

"Terrorizing the streets of L.A. " ....I always say that when I go out. Two people tearing up up the Los ANgeles streets may not be good...