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So, this past summer I'm sitting in Lovey's car and we're rolling somewhere (I don't remember where) and she's of course listening to some new shit I've never heard before. This is the same girl who's put me on to hot new artists like Lykke Li, The Noisettes, and Kidz in the Hall. Needless to say she has great taste in music. Suddenly a string of songs start blaring out of the radio that gave me about 4 eargasms in a row. I demanded to know who it was and she replied, "Jay Electronica." At the time, there was no complete compilation of his work. Just a few songs floating around on the internet. I'm not the type of person that downloads artists' individual songs. I always want to hear everything at once so decided I would wait.

Fast forward to now: I'm browsing some of my favorite sites and blogs a few days ago and I came across a mixtape put together by WDIR Magazine of all Jay's work to date. I clicked download as fast as I could and I've been listening to it for the past few days to give it fair assessment. I LOVE IT! But you know that cause I wouldn't be writing about it if I didn't. Anyway, he uses a lot of percussionless film soundtracks as a background to his vocals in such a unique way and his abstract lyrical style is insane!!!

Do yourself a favor. CLICK HERE and download Jay Electronica's mixtape called "Who the F*ck is Jay Electronica?" Let me know what you think...

Track List
01 Jay Electronica - Spark Em Up (Intro)
02 Jay Electronica - Renaissance Man
03 Jay Electronica - My World (Nas Salute)
04 Jay Electronica - Extra Extra
05 Jay Electronica - Abaracadabra
06 Jay Electronica - Uzi Weighs A Ton
07 Jay Electronica - A Prayer For Michael Vick and T.I. (We Love You Family)
08 Jay Electronica - Dimethyltriptamine
09 Jay Electronica - Eternal Sunshine (The Pledge)
10 Jay Electronica - Bitches And Drugs
11 Jay Electronica - Trolley Stop
12 Jay Electronica - Mr. Porter - Hard To Get
13 Jay Electronica - Girlfriend
14 Jay Electronica - Be Easy
15 Jay Electronica - Dealing
16 Jay Electronica - Guilty Simpson x Mr. Porter - Get Em
17 Jay Electronica - Victory Is In My Clutches
18 Jay Electronica - Somethin To Hold On To
19 Jay Electronica - I Feel Good
20 Jay Electronica - So What You Sayin
21 Jay Electronica Ft. Lil Flip - Walk With It
22 Jay Electronica - Katrina The Levees Broke


C | January 9, 2009 at 12:14 PM

supppperb post!!! thanks for the love also.