Weekend Dreaming 01.16.09

I'm so grateful for the 4 day weekend ahead of me! This is one of the first weekends I'll have in months where I'm not ridiculously busy and I can get a lot accomplished.

First of all, don't laugh at me! I know I need a haircut and it'll go down this afternoon. Haha! For some reason I'm in a really good mood. Which is not odd, but it's just especially good today. When I was in my car going to lunch, "Single Ladies" came on the radio and I started signing along. WTF?!?! I hate when pop music grows on me. Especially when it's one of those "independent women" type songs. But i have to admit that this is a good one...

Listening to Median this morning, it really got me thinking about his song, "How Big Is Your World?" and what it really means. It really motivateded me and gave me a great deal of inspiration. You're only as limited as your thinking, so that's why every morning when I wake up I tell myself I'm the shit (humbly of course). I'm not who I want to be yet, but I will get there. Trust and believe.


Tonight: Date night. I gotta take baby to Gill's Cuisine of India downtown. She should be excited. She's never had Indian food and Gill's is sinfully delicious. Hopefully I can twist her arm and she'll agree to see Notorious instead of Benjamin Button.

Tomorrow: Gotta go shopping with the BFF for my birthday celebration next weekend. "Eighties Day Out" is going to be a blast! Then off to Lionlike Inauguration and hopefully drinks and dancing afterwards...

Sunday: Hopefully church. Clubbing with Cannon, T-Rob, Taj and Cheree, then sleepover and Daddy Dave's Burgers in the morning. That is, if T comes into town.

Monday: King Day Parade!

Tuesday: MY BIRTHDAY/INAUGURATION DAY! Breakfast and ceremony with baby. Parties that night!


I love you Lala!

I love and miss you Lovey!

Oh yes! Last, but not least: The polo is Polo! Haha!

Happy Friday and God Bless people!


C | January 16, 2009 at 3:09 PM

haha i love and miss you too