Street Fashion: Vol. 2

*All photographs courtesy of Mark Hunter a.k.a. The Cobra Snake

I'm officially declaring this The Year of the Gentleman (Who knew I'd be borrowing titles from Ne-Yo?). I've seen an overwhelming number of fashion heads rocking the bow tie this holiday season. This pale blue bow tie paired with the orange gingham shirt is so cool. Perfect for the coming spring season.

Kid Cudi always seems to make my list. On top of making dope music, he also has dope style. The navy and red elastic bands and zippers in his leather jacket are subtle, but so fly. Then he goes and pairs it with some brown thin cords and puts the icing on the cake with a pink G-Shock. Ugh! So nasty! (in a good way)

I don't know who this guy is, but I'm determined to find out. I've seen him at so many parties and clubs I go to and have even shared a cigarette and a table with him at LAX with my friend May one night. I know what you're thinking in reference to the cigarette comment, but I only smoke when I'm drunk and/or in social settings. Which only happens about twice a month - if that. Anyway, he's super cool and dresses impeccably. The white tux with that ruffled shirt was a great choice.

I'm really digging the Spike Lee-esque spectacles and the striped scarf.

This picture made me smile from ear to ear when I saw it. I'm all about the neckwear (i.e. scarves). But it's really hard to pull some things off without it looking too effeminate. This guy does just that in a manner that I've never really seen or considered before. And the all yellow Nike Dunk highs are pretty awesome as well.

One of my all time favorite staples of menswear is the tuxedo. I like how a lot guys are spicing it up with the addition of colored shirts. Two thumbs way up!


Mrs. Johnson | January 6, 2009 at 4:01 PM

you posted a lot today....don't those execs have you doing anything??? lol