Uncle Twis

The precious picture you see above is of my soon-to-be born niece or nephew. My baby bro announced sometime last month that he and his girlfriend are expecting a child in August of this year. I wasn't pleased, to say the least. Even though I think children are a blessing no matter what the circumstance, I also believe people should enjoy their youth and have children when they're ready. Since the announcement I've been on his head about what a huge responsibility he's going to take on.

He sent this photo to me unexpectantly this morning it stopped me dead in my tracks. This is beautiful. I'm officially excited about being "Uncle Twis" (what my nephew Ty, pictured below, calls me) all over again. My nephew has brought so much happiness to my life in the past 3 years. He constantly reminds me about how carefree and joyous life should be. I pray that my new [hopefully] niece will do the same and be a blessing and a muse to my brother's life as he continues to grow, mature and chase success.

The family is growing...


LaLa | January 15, 2009 at 4:37 PM

congrats uncle twis!
funny, my sister, just announced she is having a baby too ...


anyhow, I hear what your saying about enjoying your youth and what not BUT just sum advise, from experience, don't be in his ear too much, believe me he ALREADY KNOWS the weight of his actions & consciences. SUPPORT is really what he (we) really all we NEED and WANT!! The constant reminder "oh you fucked up" is shitty and don't make you feel any better. We tend to be OUR OWN WORST JUDGE I don't think we need more then that! Things happen AND always for a reason, although timing may be everything, REMEMBER we are working on the lords clock, NOT our own! Just enjoy, support, love, and cherish the moments! Just some food for thought! <3 L