"The Weird Girl"

I was having a very interesting conversation with one of my boys the other day. The topic: What's your type? I guess the simplest answer to that question is that I don't have "a type." I just like women in general - tall, short, dark, light - whatever. I like 'em all. The thing that sparked the conversion was a concert we went to featuring a beautiful young artist by the name of Babystone. She's the daughter of legendary singer Sly Stone. While marveling in her beauty I began to explain to my boy about how I have a complex with "the weird girl."

See, if I had a type, the so called weird girl would be it. I'm so intrigued by artsy women. Off rip, they're the ones who always get my attention. I can't resist their essence. There's just something about a person who marches to the beat of their own drum and doesn't give a fuck what anyone else thinks. They wear their hair the way they want. They're not afraid to experiment with the way they dress. They're interested in other cultures. They listen to different types of music. Ah! I love 'em!

When meeting or coming into contact with women like Babystone, Kelis, Santogold, and Kesh (pictured above), I'm instantly smitten. I'll spend the whole night talking to them about "past lives and blue colors," to quote Jill Scott, throwing back drink after drink, dancing until my feet hurt and exchanging numbers when the lights at the club (or lounge) come on.

So I explain to my boy that this is the type of woman I generally am attracted to. He replies, "so what's the problem?"

The complex with "the weird girl" is that, unlike me, she's unstable. When I fall, I fall hard! And when I get to that point, my feelings usually don't waver. However, the weird girl is too much of a free spirit. One day, she's intrigued by you and eating up your every word. And tomorrow she's packed her shit and moved to India to join the Peace Corps.


Okay, but seriously, I get asked that question a lot, so this is my answer.

My type: "Weird Girl"

It's nice to flirt and look, but I could never take her seriously. I can't fall for her. She's a heart breaker.


C | January 27, 2009 at 4:49 PM

wtf. u can't take the weird girl seriously?
are you serious??

Mrs. Johnson | January 28, 2009 at 7:07 AM

there's no "type"...it just happens. you're not an "in-the-box" type of person so you can't describe a "type" of person who you are attracted to. i think that's your answer.

i used to like the "weird guy" because he was adventurous and different...and a lil crazy. i used to like the "bad boy" because he was something i wasn't. for me, it all depended on where i was in my life.

so, now i love my husband. don't know if i can put him in a "category" but i know that he has qualities that will keep me going for a lifetime.