10 Rules of Men's Style by Donna Karan

In the latest addition of '10 Rules of Men's Style,' Ms. Donna Karan sheds light on men's fashion (and behavior) that even the lamest of laymans could understand. Rule number one is probably something that I say on a daily basis. One of the worst things about living in L.A. again and hanging out with Black people is that I'm truly in the minority. Black men are so afraid to take risks. The black and white non-vintage, "military" shirts and Seven jeans are boring the shit out of me. Like, really. Being the best looking nigga out is cool, but a little competition every now and then would be nice...and motivational. I'm always up for a little sport. And just because you just discovered Hot Topic and clear framed wayfarers DOES NOT make you "different." Especially when you thought that shit was "gay" a year ago.

Anyway, read and INDULGE!

1. Sometimes men can be a little limited when it comes to trying something new. When I first used stretch fabric, I couldn't even use the word stretch until men realized how comfortable it was. Now they ask, "Where's the black stretch crêpe suit?"

2. I don't think there's anything more important than spirituality. I don't think it's about a religion. It's about caring and sharing and realizing that it's not about us independently but about what we can do to help in life and make a difference for other people.

3. Every man should have the seven easy pieces: great pair of black pants, great jacket, white shirt, tie, great cashmere sweater, great pair of jeans, and a piece in leather—things that are amorphous. They can be simple and modern and yet comfortable and elegant.

4. The rudest thing a man can do to a woman is stand her up, not call, and just keep her dangling.

5. I can't stand men wearing a trend because it's a trend. There are quirky men who can carry off quirk, but most men can't.

6. A modern man is someone who looks at his life holistically and is flexible. His approach goes from day into night, from play to work, around the world. He should never be stuck in any one position.

7. I don't like oversized, really sloppy pants hanging off a man's waist, but then again I don't like really uptight looks either. The extreme of either of those styles doesn't make me feel comfortable. When you're trying too hard, it doesn't work.

8. Behind every great man there's a great woman, and behind every great woman there's a great man. A woman knows how to trigger a man's sensitivity and open him up to things that sometimes he can be a little shortsighted about, like how to truly enjoy life. A man knows the element of surprise, which women sometimes forget.

9. Being romantic can be simple—it's those quiet times. When you can just shut it down and really come together as one—that's romantic.

10. One guy can throw on a pair of jeans and T-shirt and just wear that and be perfect, while another guy can wear a T-shirt and jeans and look horrible. A guy needs to keep his eyes open, try several things on, and trust other people's opinions.


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