Yep! In my white T...

The white t-shirt is arguably an American classic donned by style icons like James Dean, Harry Winkler and Snoop Dogg. But just like the contrast of the aforementioned celebrities, there are opposing views on the significance and versatility of this simple staple. The "White T" is definitely a piece that I'm on the fence about. On one hand, I can't deny the appeal of a perfectly cut and fit white t-shirt. While there's not much thought that goes into it, the possibilities are endless. You can pair it with just about anything from old Levi's and your favorite Converse All Stars or fine, dark Japanese denim and a sportscoat. My problem with the controversial piece is that some have taken it and abused it; namely urban clothing enthusiasts. I despise anyone who goes are buys boxes of oversized ProClub white t-shirts and pairs them with busy jeans and New Era caps. Yuck! What type of self-expression is that?

When I came across Project White T-Shirt I got excited. They worked with 31 designers from 13 countries to transform the classic white t-shirt into something new. They will transform and redefine the definition of the T-shirt as we’ve understood it for so many decades. Participants include Andrea Crews, c.neeon, Complex Geometrics, Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair, Siv Stoldal, Kling by Kling and one of my personal favorites, Jerell Scott (pictured above). The t-shirts will be exhibited and then auctioned off with the proceeds going to the Designers Against AIDS foundation.

Cheers to breathing new life into an American classic!