The dictionary defines the word potential in the following manner:

po·ten·tial /pəˈtɛnʃəl/ [puh-ten-shuhl]
1. possible, as opposed to actual.
2. capable of being or becoming.

Whenever I take someone thrifting this word gets thrown around a lot. I always stress to people the importance of studying any piece that sparks your interest and being able to see the potential in it. Many have endless possibilities and you have to consider that instead of its obviously applications. Just because an article of clothing has been placed in categories like --- activewear, formal wear, etc --- does NOT mean that it has be worn that way. It's completely up to you.

That's exactly what my cousin James, who's an up-and-coming film director in Atlanta, has learned. About a year ago he came home and asked me to help him find something for Morehouses 2009 Homecoming. Amongst everything we found at different thrift stores, the most amazing piece was a charcoal blazer with big, Tom Ford-esque lapels and black piping. He was hesitant, but because he trusts me and my taste he purchased the jacket. Fast-forward to recent times, James decided to dawn this timeless piece for an exclusive Def Jam event he was invited too.

The coat was tailored and the look was styled by designer Karolyne Ashley (pictured below). I love the finished product. Potential...realized!

Charcoal Blazer (Wasteland)
Black Slacks (H&M)
Shirt (Rag-O-Rama)
Tie (Rag-O-Rama)
Shoes (unknown)

On Karolyne:

Dress (Rag-O-Rama)
Hat (Karolyne Ashley, her own design)
Glove (Karolyne Ashley, her own design)