Once Upon A Time at Cinespace...

A couple of weeks ago when Lovey was home for Spring Break, I got word that Kid Cudi was performing at Cinespace. Imagine my excitement. The first time I saw him perform was a year ago and I became an instant fan. His delivery was solid. His message was original. His persona was unique. All things considered, I felt I HAD to attend this performance. I invited all my closest friends to enjoy with me.

What a difference a year makes...

In the past year since I saw the then unknown Cudi perform, he's gained a lot of publicity. I think dude is really feeling himself now. Let me give you a snapshot of "the concert."

First, let me explain how I was racing through the streets of Westwood, Beverly Hills and Hollywood to get to the show. I had just watched my sandz at UCLA probate and so I was late. I arrive around 11pm hoping I could catch what I thought would have been the tail-end of the show. I park, stand in line and go upstairs, only to find my friends and fellow Cinespacers waiting around like it was still 8pm.

Me: Where's Kid Cudi?
My friends: He's not here yet.
Me: What the fuck?
Considering the time and the venue it was very odd that he wasn't there yet... Dude finally decided to show his face around 1:30am! Yeah, 1:30am! We were pissed! To make matters worse, when he arrived and got on stage he didn't start performing for 30 minutes. He just sat on stage, drank, smoked and talked to Plain Pat (as you can see in the photo above). Rude! Just rude! After that I wasn't even interested anymore. I felt as if I'd been disrespected. How dare he show up hours late and sit on his ass when I paid my hard earned money to see him perform.

This changed my whole perception of him. I'm just not at all impressed anymore. The only way he could possibly redeem himself is by making his next album (which I will gladly burn and distribute to all of you out of spite) is the hottest shit I've ever heard. I doubt it though...

N.O.R.E. randomly jumped on stage at one point during the show. He did one song and was about to leave until Sean and I started yelling, "Do 'Super Thug'," in which we got full audience participation with. He did it. We loved and appreciated it.

Cinespace regular, Will.i.am, also performed a series of freestyles. I've learned time and time again not to underestimate this dude. I forgot for a long time that he started off his career as a legitimate MC. I guess the years of the Black Eyed Peas with Fergy's fuckass fucked up my views. He ripped it! Even better than Cudi I might add. At one point he actually rocked it so hard that he kind of took over the show. Cudi was visibly pissed, but he still gave him a loving hug when he finished. After his performance, he pubbed X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Sweet!

What a night...


LaLa | April 6, 2009 at 10:15 AM

I love that your getting your life back...

return of the battle of the activism


I love this pic of Will.i.am

your so legit!