A "simple" gift :: Part II

One late night in class 2 weeks ago, I twitted about how I needed a sewing machine asap to catch up in class and work on some side projects. Just one of my many random thoughts lost in the abyss of the internet, right? Wrong. It's funny cause my dad always told me growing up that people would always be watching me and listening to me. The older I become, the wiser I realize my father is. A little while later I got a reply that read, "@simplyl I got you!." I didn't really think much of it.

A couple of days later, she texts me asking if I was home. "Yep!" I reply. Then she says, "Then bring your ass outside mister!"

I walk outside with my pajamas on very confused. I saw a white Hyundai and out pops my very dolled up friend Elle. She opens her trunk and dumbs this sewing machine in my hands, "There you go love! Gotta run. I have a [date]." A single tear almost dropped from my eye at the gesture. As if she hasn't already been a spectacular friend, she supplied me with the very tool I need most right now. Upon further conversation, Lala explains to me that she's had this brand new, unused sewing machine that she bestowed me with for years and she's never put it to use. She said she'd much rather it have a home with me, than continue collecting dust at her house.

Now THAT'S what you call a friend!

Thanks again Elly! I'll put it to use as soon as you find that power cord and peddle. Haha!


A. Mareli | April 3, 2009 at 1:50 PM

Awesome friend indeed!!!

LaLa | April 6, 2009 at 10:16 AM


this chick sound pretty amazing, the idle friend indeed, you should keep her!

I'm just saying lol